Hoodlum Definition

The following defintions are a benefit for the world, providing education in the lanaguage of ebonics, also known as inna city talk. For those of you who aren't aquainted with the language of the so-called "ghetto," this page will provide a little insite upon the richness and texture of the life that we know as the Hood. View the following definitions under your own disclosure, being as they have graphic language and at times raw meanings that could disturb your inner peace.
The people featured in this particular background are the members of the Bad Boy family, exemplifing the fullness of the ghetto world as masterminds in the underworld affairs and music.
Anyways, here are the definitions you've been waiting to understand and comprehend, soon being able to understand the fullness of ebonics and ghetto life.
noun, referring to the calling of someone smaller than you are, in a mocking and discriminating way. Example-"You got beef, god?"
noun, referring to the mocking gesture of signaling someone who is spited by a particular group. Example-"What up kid?"
noun, referring to someone who gives into peer pressure Example-"Why you such a bamma?"
noun,verb, referring to the action of trying to start trouble, or the actual act of having a problem with someone. Example-"You got beef son?"
noun, referring to someone who acts a certain way,at a particular time,to impress someone,in a fake way Example-"YOu sellout!"
noun, referring to someone who goes out with someone of the opposite sex, while he is currently unavailable. Example-"Get big playa!"
noun, referring to someone who is phony, not to be confused with playa Example-"Playa-Hatas get away, or my lead will spray!"
noun, referring to someone who flirts constantly with someone of the opposite sex Example-"You ain't nuthin but a trick!"
An irresistable, finely dressed, dashing, charming, full of charisma Asian male, around the age of 16/17 who is in search of a girlfriend who is enjoyable to be around Example- "Yeah Fel-Dawg!"
Pertaining the facility which is known as a person's residence and lodging area Example- "Let's stroll on by her crib!"
More ghetto slang will be updated when they become available, due to the ever changing world of stree talk. They will be available for you to upgrade your ghetto vocabulary of ebonics.

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