The People Page

In this section of my page, big ups go out to all the people mentioned before. Here's a little profile on all of these tremedous people of our time and era.

Christina Lo
Christina goes to the University of Georgetown. She's one smart cookie. She's also one of the easiest people to get along with and talk to. If you ever have anything on your mind or need to talk with somebody who cares, talk to her, cuz she's really really really cool. PS- She is immensely gorgeous and she exemplifies the radiant reflection of the Greek Goddess Athena.

Dan Tang
Dan's one of those bad boy kinda guys. He calls himself Ghidhrah Playa Pro or something like that, whoever the hell he is. He's pretty cool, and a freakin beast in basketball. If you wanna hang out with one cool guy, hang out with him cuz he's a monsta.

Mok-yi Chow
You ever seen the movie The Lawnmower Man, about that guy who used to mow lawns until he became the object of some virtual reality/internet experiment? That's who Mokyi is. He spends all his time on the internet, and when he isn't doing that, he's either sleeping or eating. He's pretty cool, other than the fact that he keeps thinking he can take me in basketball. If you ever want to know anything about Web Pages or stuff like that, visit this guy. He can tell you anything about that junk. He's just like Job from the Lawnmower Man.
David Tang
Dave's a beast in Duke Nukem. He's the Emperor, man. In basketball, He be like Dennis Rodman, a freaking rebounding beast. Anyways, he's pretty cool guy and even though he's kinda quiet, he's a really fun guy to be around.

John Liang
John's gay!!!!!!! Pysche, but he acts gay on purpose (i hope). John's a cool guy, when he's not grabbing me.

Steven Lan
Steven is a freestylin maniac. He's great at dancing, except he listens to that wacky Korean techno junk. Oh, all you ladies, keep away from this fly brotha. He's a one lady guy, and he be in love with his girlfriend, Vi. They make such a cute couple.

Barkley Hsu
Barkley's the man! Enough said for now

Jennifer Chow
Jennifer's a genius, except she's always so preoccupied concerning school. She should learn to take life as funess, instead of always doing work. She should listen to the fortune cookie I gave her, and take the cookie's advice. Look to the Cookie!

Wendy Wang
Wendy's really really really mature for her age. We talk about all sorts of stuff, and she offers alot of good advice. She's a great person to be around. She's great!

Chris Chen
Chris thinks he's good in basketball. He thinks he's Damon Stadoulmire, or whatever. He's just fooling himself. But he's cool to be around. He's tries to be good in video games, except he's not good in that either. Just playin!

Anchyi Wei
She's so cool! =)

Edwin Leong
Edwin tries to be like Chris. Except he's not quite as cool though! just playin big boy!

Andy Lin
Andy's a beast, being both monstrous in upper body strength and in basketball. He's my idol. I wanna be just like him. Really, I do. Everybody really oughta know him, cuz he's a really cool guy to hang out with.

Karen Park
I can't believe I left her out. She's a really cool person, cuz....................well, just because. She's a really cool girl to hang out with, and she's got a really really really cool fashion sense, or so i've been told.

If i left anyone out, let me know, so I can add you to this prestigious and most honored treasure list among the insiginicant men and women of our society in today's world. Just playin!(Big words, huh?!)

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