Fel-DAwg's House of Hijinx II

Here is the continuation of my page with tables on it
The following table lies in factual information, compiled by the census of The AMerican Journal. (Just playing you guys. if it weren't for your technological influence and idealiality, this astounding and magnificent web page would not be available to the millions of users that attempt to find joy every day by visiting this site)
How cool computer geeks are, like Mok-yi and Edwin and anyone there fellas that chat for way too long on ICQ and whatnot, comparison between men and women
"What cool and studdly people" "Eh, what a bunch of Bammas!"
Gender Male 0.1% 99.9%
Female 1.7% 98.3%

The following information has been deemed as factual information, as compiled by the greatest American Magazines, including Entertainment, GQ, People, US, and Playboy.
What people think about Fel-Dog and his whole BAd BoY Image
"Yeah Fel-dog, you Bad BOy!" "Anything Else"
Gender Male 100% 0%
Female 100% 0%

Here are some links for your entertainment
Go to the Armani Exchange site in order to win free clothes, in their amusing and at times, challenging contests.
And that is that! FOr NOw, AnYWayz!