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Iced Earth is the premier melodic power/speed metal band in current times. They have joined the cause to bring back true metal, and have dedicated themselves to staying true to themselves, and not giving in to the lure of more popular forms of metal. For this we thank them, because they have given us true metal fans five completely awesome albums, and they have no intentions of stopping anytime soon!! I have established this page to provide some background on the band and their albums, but more importantly I created this page to serve as a source for Fan's to share their comments, feedback, and concert reviews about the group. I plan to update it very frequently, and with a little help from the official Iced Earth page and from you the fans, I plan to make it the best possible place to find the inside scoop on the band, and to hear about other fans experiences with the band.

"Here comes the Revolution!!! - What I mean by this, is that Iced Earth will stick to our style of music for the duration. Metal is not a passing phase, it's a way of life. It's an attitude. It's strength. It's whatever you want it to be. It's been here since the '60s and it will never leave. There have always been times in music history when metal was 'cool' or not 'cool'. Whatever trends have come and gone never really concerned me. The only thing that has concerned me is Iced Earth, and what we are doing. Yes it's been annoying, frustrating, and even depressing at times when people say we are 'dated' and that we are 'old school' ..but you know what? They're entitled to their opinions, but fuck them, because we are doing this for ourselves and our fans exclusively, and the trend-riders' opinions don't mean shit in our world. We are the best at what we do, and twelve years of solid work and dedication are paying off, and our cult following is growing everyday. The best that you, as a dedicated fan, can do for yourself is to think for yourself and be your own leader. The 'powers that be' have always manipulated audiences with torrential saturation and various brainwashing techniques. The biggest disappointment, however, is when you read interviews with other musicians of the same genre and they repeatedly deny their metal roots and the fact that they were, or even still are, playing metal riffs. These individuals, of which I hold a peice of dog shit in higher regard, are the true posers of the 1990's. Whichever individual or whatever corporation first came up with the marketing assumption that metal is no longer cool can go fuck themselves. In the eyes of this artist, Iced Earth and metal music are a life-long commitment and we're not budging - we are metal and we're proud of it. Yes, Iced Earth will mature and we will grow, but you can count on us being ever faithful to ourselves and our art, and for this I'm sure you will always be satisfied as the listening audience. Iced Earth will always play what we believe in. Fuck trends and fuck posers!!! Count on it and thanks for your support" -- Jon Schaffer

me at with your comments/concert reviews.

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