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Hello, Beatle fans! Welcome to my page. Between school and band, I haven't had much time to work on my page; however, I have some new things that I'm working on that should be finished in the next few weeks. So please some back soon and check out the changes I've made. Remember, All You Need Is Love.

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Beatlemania!!! - When the Beatles were around, everyone knew it. The phenomenon of screaming teenagers and sky high record sales soon became known as Beatlemania. For those of us that are second generation fans, it's hard for us to realize what it was like. Here's the story from someone who was there :)

About Lovely Rita - The Beatles aren't the only thing that I include in my life. Click here to find out a little bit about me and the things I love.

Remembering Lennon - John Lennon was a man of great talent, creativity, and masterpiece. Many believe that he was a musical genius. He was a soldier for peace, and, above all, he was a human. His music and poetry told stories that we could all relate to. There is no doubt that he was an influence in many lives. So this is a page where you can tell what he means to you.

Beatles Links - Since I first got on the web last December, I've been to over a hundred Beatles sites. These are my absolute favoites.

Sgt Pepper Album Review - This is the newest feature on my page. Every other month I will put up my review of a different Beatles album. This will let others know what I think of all the albums and may also give new fans an idea of what they might like to listen to. Sgt Pepper is certainly for those fans of the psychedelic era, and for those who like the weird stuff, I highly reccomend it. I chose Sgt Pepper as the first because it is my favorite.

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