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"Just when you thought all punk bands were stale cheetos, Pennywise clones, oohs and ahs, along come four energetic, endorseless punks from the squats of Riverside, CA. Falling Sickness's unique sound falls somewhere between the sing along ska riffs of the Bay Area and the guitar driven humor-core of the classic Orange County bands. This record is jammed with 18 driving punk/ska tunes which will plow your mohawks down."

Falling Sickness hail from Riverside, California, and they are four kids who play speed/ska/punk and it's pretty cool. Because they fall into this genre, you might listen to this and say "I've heard this before!" You might also want to say... Rancid. But, no, you won't hear anything from Falling Sickness on C-FOX. They have a much angrier, in your face punk edge that's not like other ska/punk bands.

All of their songs are immediately catchy, and you'll instantly fall in love with them. There are no rests: each song just bleeds into the preceeding one. Short, choppy vocals are ingrained with constant guitar riffs and power chords. Falling Sickness don't take themselves too seriously, and that's why their music is infectious. They play their songs and play them all hard, whether it be the ska sounds of "Runaway" or the punkedness of "Ripperside" all of which makes me believe that they'd be fun to see live...I still haven't seen them, and the last time they came near me was last year, and in Montreal...Shit.

This is the questionaire for the band taken from the "Hopelessly Devoted To You" CD...Apparently they were just joking about their favorite beer. Johnathan wrote in and told me this..."Their fav beer is Corona or something like that, it is a Mexican import. Italk to gabe a lot ( Ilive in riverside, his cousins are in my band) Gabe said that they were joking around when they said King Cobra."


Hometown: Riverside, CA
Worst city to play: Oceanside
Favorite beer: King Cobra
Pet Peeve: Punx who rebel against common sense
Favorite hot sauce: Tapaito
Favorite Taqueria: Taco Meindo, Eusenada, Mexico
Favorite NWA song: 8-Ball
Favorite tenor: Placido Domingo
Where will we be in 5 years: Alone w/ your woman
Message: I'm just a messanger

You can write to Falling Sickness at the address below. I don't know if they will send free shit or anything, but you should buy it. They don't have stacks of cash lying around to print up loads of stickers and patches to give away. Send in any money that you would like them to have.

Falling Sickness
c/o Hopeless Records
P.O. Box 7495
Van Nuys, Ca

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