The bands new album is due out in February, 1998! It's titled "Because the World Has Failed us Both" and will be available on CD/LP/CS! That's all the info I have, but I'll add more as it becomes known to me! Also, Against All Authority have signed with Hopeless Records and their new album titled "All Fall Down" will be available on CD/LP/CS on January 13, 1998!


I know I should have written this awhile ago, but I was far too lazy to do it! I actually got a lot of emails asking if the band was alright, and the answer is...Yes! They're all fine, thank you for your concern! I'm sure they would still appriciate any money that you want to send in.


The band was driving along Highway 12 from Portland, just inside the Montana border from Idaho. Their van hit a patch of black ice as they were rounding a corner. The van flipped four times. Their drummer sustained massive head injuries. He was flown from the accident scene via helicopter to St. Pat's here in Missoula for emergency brain surgery. The operation, I'm happy to report was successful. He is still in Intensive Care, but in stable condition. When the band visited him yesterday morning, they reported that he had all of his facilities, and was even cracking jokes.

Obviously, the rest of the tour is cancelled.

Anyway, those of you who would like to show the world exactly what kind of a community (legion) we are, and would like to help out w/ the medical bills, you can send whatever cash you can spare to:

Falling Sickness Medical Fund
P.O. Box 8886
Riverside CA

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