Dutch Anime Shop

The shop has opened its (virtual) doors again for 2005. So, what can you find here?

The DUTCH Anime Shop is selling high-quality fansubbed anime or copies of HK released anime, all on DVD+R discs. Do check beforehand if your player supports DVD+R, because some players only play DVD-R, in which case you shouldn't order here. By the way, I am also selling items on Ebay under the ID of minkie78.

Anyways, my shop is called Dutch for two reasons:

1. The maintainer of this site (that would be me!) is Dutch.
2. The Dutch are famous for their scroogy tight-fistedness and 'careful' spending of money, so DVDs are reasonably priced.

I sell my DVDs without cover art! Most of the DVD covers or pictures can be found somewhere on the Net, though.

BELANGRIJK!! Als je oude anime/tekenfilmseries uit de jaren tachtig (jeugdsentiment!) wilt kopen in het Nederlands ingesproken, volg dan deze link! Die brengt je naar een subsectie van deze site in het Nederlands.

The titles on this website which are licensed * (in Europe!) are for backup purposes only and if they are ordered we assume you own the DVD yourself.

I especially urge my international customers to consider that US licensed titles do not offer us Europeans the opportunity to buy them. After all, they are region 1 and our players can only play region 2 or region free (which is what my discs are). It is even illegal to produce regionfree players, which is why consumers always have to type in a 'secret' code to make the players regionfree. They never come regionfree as is. For more info, read the FAQ.

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