Okay, so this page is not yet what I have in mind. I have lots of fairy-related poems that are going to be placed here. I am also planning on making a Cicely Mary Barker archive since I bought her Fairy Flowers book (with pictures and poems). As soon as I have time I will make scans of the most beautiful paintings and poems. Please be patient! In the meanwhile, here's two poems for you about Oberon and the Lady of the Lake.


His belt was made of Mirtle leaves
Pleyted in small Curious theaves
Besett with Amber Cowslip studdes
And fring'd a bout with daysie budds
In which his Bugle horne was hunge
Made of the Babling Echos tungue
Which sett unto his moone-burnt lippes
Hee windes, and then his fayries skipps.

The Lady of the Lake

And there I saw mage Merlin, whose vast wit
And hundred winters are but as the hands
Of loyal vassals toiling for their liege.
And near him stood the Lady of the Lake,
Who knows a subtler magic than his own -
Clothed in white samite, mystic, wonderful.
She gave the King his huge cross-hilted sword,
Whereby to drive the heathen out: a mist
Of incence curled about her, and her face
Wellnigh was hidden in the minster gloom;
But there was heard among the holy hymns
A voice as of the waters, for she dwells
Down in a deep; calm, whatsoever storms
May shake the world, and when the surface rolls,
Hath power to walk the waters like our Lord.

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