Portland, ME(my hometown) native Judd Nelson has many highs and lows in his career, however his lows have been more enjoyable then his highs. Which is why I like him. Everybody can say that someone famous comes from their hometown, but not many can lay claim to someone as infamous(not counting serial killers and Mickey Rourke) as Judd Nelson. He started his career along side the rest of the brat back. But he like the others failed to live up to their hype. Some would say that he was a victim of being miscast; but what type of role should he be cast in?

Everytime I hear his name mentioned either on a T.V. gossip show or in a magazine it grabs my attention because when the name Judd Nelson is spoken a joke, put down, or insult is sure to follow. Not just any insult either, some of the most scathing comments I've ever seen. Critics truly enjoy ripping into Judd, and he's given them plenty of fat to chew on(Relentless,Blue City,Suddenly Susan). Everybody gets insulted but when I see the passion and venom that is dished out on poor old Judd, it makes me proud to be a Portlander.

Kevin N.

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