We have played a couple gigs so far this year. Amazing!
Even one with the Byrds!
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Her Crescent Moon is a band located 45 minutes from St. Loius in Elsah, Illinois.
Our music incoporates many elements into our music including rock, folk, blues, world,
and assorted numorous others.

We play all original songs.

Her Crescent Moon has seven members.

Zoe Daggett: Vocals & assorted percussives
Tripp Lewton: Guitar & Vocals
Tim Lyons: Bass Guitar & Vocals
Sam Newberry: Percussion
Justin Perkins: Sax
Geoff Hanzlik: Guitar & Vocals
Dylan Brunjes: Percussion

I apologize for not having any pictures or sound files available.
I should have a sound selection and a variety of pictures of hCm by
March 16, 1997.

If you are looking for a band to play a gig in the midwest region,
give Sam Newberry a call at (618) 374 4858.
I can provide you with a demo and other pertinent information.

Thanks for checking us out!

h_c_moon moonhc

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Principia College is the school that we go to.

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