wow I have no flair for colors
My name is Kerie
I was a sandwich architect (I work at subway)
Now I work at the Zoo making food for monkeys and getting paied a whole lot more
I am graduate of Tennessee Technological University
I was a Wildlife Fisheries Major with a Concervation Concentration
I am 22 years old
I have/have not/have a boyfriend, had him for more than 4 years
he hates my animals, including my Dog whom I love
I loved him once more than anything,
young love is stupid
(as you can tell I just had my Heart Broken)
dont know what i would do without him
my life is insane
I Have a dog named Freckles, she is eleven
I also have a Guinea Pig named Spike, he is two(he was born on the 4th of july )
Two lizards, one Madagascaran Giant Day Gecko, and one Leopard Gecko, they are both one
I also have a small collection of Gerbils that started at 2, added 6, added 7, subtracted 2, and slowly one by one has dwindled to 7, then 6 then 5 then 3, all are at least two years old

I am in the Society for Creative Anacranism
My society persona is an Irish woman after the Vikings invaded the first time
(because they have all the good clothes)
My persona name is Tailefhlaith inghen Gorumgilla hui Flaithbertag
I kinda like it
i am however working on a Japanese warrior or maybe a female persona (actually I just like the clothes)

Just once I would like to be normal, that whole boyfriend thing is crap. I love him I believe, I do not however know how to express this fact.
I must have done something in a former life and am now suffering for it.
I again dont know what to do without him.

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