Old School Tricks

Acid Drop

If you start skateboarding, don't jump from high heights; start on small steps or curbones to gain confidence. Practice the lift of the nose of your board that way. When you leave the wall, push up the tail and jump from the wall. Bend your knees while landing and resume balance. Once landed you can continue your ride.

Foot Plant

First you want to do this trick on flat gound to get the feel for it. First off you ride at a moderate speed you grab the board with your right hand and with your left foot push off the ground at the same time lifting the board up with your hand then in air put your left foot back on the board and ride away smoothly. Dont worry if you eat crap while trying because once you get the hang of it you will impress the guys at your local skate park.

No Comply

You do this by first taking your front foot of the board and then placing it on the ground, then with your back foot kick the tail as if you are doing a shuvit and spin the board around(let your back foot control the board)then with your front foot jump in the are. When the board turns 180 and you turn 180 catch the board with both feet and ride away(note: if you do this fast it will look cool).


This is an old school trick thought up by Justin Wesley and a friend, Steve "Rico Suave" Jordan. Boni-Oni (bone-ee-o-nee) The Boni-Oni looks its best when applied to a ledge or something with a dropoff. Can get you mad props if you pull a "too sic for us" 360 Boni-Oni. 1. Ride at a good pace 2. Lean back, on your back foot, and kinda pull your front foot off the board as you hop off of it with your back foot. 3. The board should kindashoot out from underneath you, in an upwards direction. 4. Catch the nose of the board with your front hand as it is flying into the air. 5. At the same time you are catching the board, step forward with your front foot and jump off of it into the air with your board. 6. Spin around 180 backside 7. While in the air and spinning around, slip the board underneath your feet and let go of it. 8. Land on the ground in your switch stance, and coast away to victory, knowing yet again, that you pulled a mad old school trick.

180 Disco Fingerflip

1. Ride at a good pace, flatland 2. Hop off board, landing parallel to and facing your board 3. Reach down, place fingertips under edge of board 4. Jump up in the air, at the same time, snap your fingers up, causing the board to flip around in a "kickflip" type manner 5. While in the air,turn 180 backside 6. Land on the board with knees bent, kinda leaning away from the toe side 7. Make sure not to land to hard, or the board will tip over, knocking you off like a dumbass 8. Ride away, looking at the spectators knowing you just pulled a mad sic oldschool trick! Looks best and is its phattest when done off of a curb or ledge, the higher, the flyer.

Peg Leg Drunken Pirate

Very trippy trick. 1.ride toward object at comfy pace, at 45 degree angle 2.olie 3.now pull your front foot back to the center of the board 4.turn your board like your going to boardslide 5.as you land, bend the knee of yor front leg and kick yourself in the ass. as your foot hits your ass grab it 6.slide 7.as you near the end of your slide release your foot and put it back on your kick tail 8.after you land, turn and flip your audience off, cuz you know they cant do it!


The boneless is a cool trick that I find pretty easy, but a lot of people say its pretty hard. Here's how you do it. 1)Put your back foot so it's covering the front two back bolts. 2)Bend down and grab the middle of your board with either hand. 3)Take your front foot off the board and jump with it. 4)Hold on to the board with your hand as you go up. 5)Get your back foot on the top of the board. 6)Float down like an acid drop and let go with your hand whenever you feel comfortable. This is fun to do down stairs and stuff.

180 Boneless

Do like a boneless, but turn 180 degrees. You can turn 360 or even 540 if your really good.

Hand Stand

First of all, you have to be able to do hand stands really well. If you can't, DO NOT start off practicing on your skateboard. Find some level ground. Anyways, a lot of people do it by taking both feet off the board, running, and then throwing their feet up into the air. That way, they will be rolling while doing a handstand. I start off on the board though. You have to have really strong forearms for this. You place both feet on the board, place your hands on the tail and the nose, and then fold yourself in half. Then raise your legs until they are both in the air. As I said, you have to be really strong to do it this way. You can build up by doing some butterfly exersizes with free weights. Now, I personally don't recommend trying this unless you are VERY comfortable standing on your hands while riding, but, you can also do shuvits, kickflips, and ollies. I can't do kickflips in this position, but I can do the other two. As I said, you better be really comfortable with handstands before you try this. So don't blame me when your mom says you can't skate until your nose heals because you broke it when you fell on your face.


An old school kickflip can be done two ways. First and easiest, jump off the board and flip the board with either your hand or foot and then jump back on. Second, Stay on the board, put your back foot under the board in about the middle, bring both feet up into the air by jumping, and flip it with your back foot, then when it's flipped, land back on it. In this version, your feet never touch the ground.


This is just a wheelie, which means riding on two wheels. You just lean back or forward depending on if you want to do a manual, or a nose manual. Be sure your tail dosn't touch the ground, if it does, that's called tail drag, which some people consider an old school trick. I personally don't. I call it stopping. But don't do that too much because it will cause your board to chip much sooner.


An old school 180 is just turning 180 degrees without your board coming off the ground. You just turn on your back truck.


This is kind of like walking like those army men with the plastic on the bottom of their feet. Put one foot on the very back and one on the very front. Then raise one truck and set it down further forward and do the same thing with the other truck until your done.


This is spinning 180 degrees without any of your wheels leaving the ground. It's hard to do on older wheels, but not too hard with new wheels. Just turn one way to wind up, and then unwind. You should have heard a loud screech from your wheels and turned 180.


Get up some speed and get into GI Joe position. Then keep doing 180's until you fall. My record is 9 180's, it's pretty hard to do. It's fun though. Just practice.


This is how people got up curbs before they learned how to ollie. You go at an object, do a manual, let your front trucks get over the curb and then bring your back trucks up so that your whole board is on the curb. This is good for really lazy people who don't want to learn to ollie.


An old school varial is just turning your body 180 degrees while your board keeps going straight. It's harder than it sounds when your going fast.

Primo Stall

It's a trick where the skateboard is on it's side and you stand on the wheels and side of board. To start this trick you need to be at a complete stop. Make your feet hang off the board with your toes on the board. Your back should not be on the tail, but by the hardware and your front foot should be in the middle. With your front foot kick the edge of the board towards the ground and jump into the air, the skateboard should spin back. Spot it from spinning by quickly placing your feet on the board(kinda like stopping a kickflip from spinning). You shoulda landed in a primo stall. To dismount from a Primo Stall kick the board forward with your heel and it should land on its wheels. It's a really hard trick, you need a lot of practice to pull it off. Once you master it try to ollie then kick it and land in a Primo Stall.