The Best Old School Company!!!!!!!

I'm gonna give the history of the best Old School Company of all time. So, here is the history of The Mighty Powell Peralta Corporation.

Symbiosis has been a hallmark of skateboarding. Skaters push their boards to the limits; skateboard makers constanly strive to remove the boards' limitations. The energy and creativity of both have joined to make skateboarding the incredibly dynamic sport it is today.
It is not surprising, therefore, that the vast majority of those manufacturing skateboards are also skaters them selves. For over two decades, the Powell Corporation/Powell Peralta has provided skateboarders with some truly memorable skateboard products. George Powell began riding a homemade skateboard in 1957 and by 1965 he had an oak board with clay wheels. He studied engineering at Stanford University and occasionly hop onto a board.