What Is Old School?

Many of you skater's out there are probobly wondering what the fuck is Old School Skating(maybe not). Well Old School Is a term used to describe skating in the 60's- late 80's. Many people argue as to wether Old School Skateing ends in early 90's, because the first "new school" deck was invented ,by steve rocco at World Industries, in the early 90's. Many people also argue to wether Old School Skating ended in 1978 when Allen Gelfand invented the ollie, but I believe Old School ended in the late 80's when "street skating" began. I say it began in late 80's because Street blew away flatland freestyle, pool riding, and longboarding. Street skating would re-invent skating and would help the evolution of the current "new school" deck(2 lifts, made from 7 layer-ply).