Name: Ricardo "che" Figueroa


Favorite type of skating: old school freestyle, street,

Favorite Skate Spot: Incredible Universe, because it has alot of nice ledges, loading docks, parking blocks, rails, and since it closed the cops can't hassle you, but for a skatepark my favorite park is the Vans Skate Park.

Favorite obstacle: Doing tricks on banks

broken bones: none

Broken boards: 0ne-I broke my Toy Machine deck on 3/18/00 - I'll hopefully raise $45 so I can buy another deck, because I'm using my old deck right now.

New School complete set up:
deck - CCS Blank/black 8.00" I cracked my Toy Machine deck doing a lipslide the other day.
wheels - Chan Muska/Ghetto Child 56mm
trucks - fury 8.00", doh-doh's bushings, loose
bearings - Hawks Bearings
risers - Dooks Shock Pads 3 on each truck
griptape - Roofies Graphic Griptape, wheels of steels(turn tables)
hardware - Grind King Nutlocks

Old School Complete set up:
deck - Powell Peralta/Steve Caballero Dragon 10.00"
wheels - Powell Peralta/MiniRats
trucks - Independents 10.00"
bearings - GMN Germen Speed Bearings
risers - Santa Cruz/Cell Block III
griptape - Wooster
hardware - Hi-Energy

3/6/00 - I was skating today at the local skatepark and I met an ese who acually practices Old School tricks and stuff. We got into a freestyle battle, but he kicked my ass with a 180 No Comply Fingerflip. I also bashed my ankle trying to variel flip off a primo stall. In the end he walked away victorious.

4/15/00 - Today the new Vans Skatepark day of my life. Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Willy Santos, Steve Van Doren, Jason Adams, Tony Alva, etc. were here. Free pizza, soda, chips, pretzels, stickers, posters, etc. I was skating like I never skated before. They had every type of obstacle imaginable to man. They had a hand rail down 6 steps that was so tight. I was doing boardslides down that. I skated every thang there except the half pipe, I hate riding vert. They gots a shop in the skate park with a whole bunch of stuff.

4/16/00 - I went back to the Vans Skatepark. Everythang was tight until I racked my nuts on the hand rail. I thought I lost a ball, but I didnt and after 15min. of lying down I got up and b/s boardslided that dumb bitch rail. I skated the pool and fell down alot, I'm more of the street skating type. I kickflipped the whole fly box and did a smith on a low ledge. I must have fell down like 50 times before I got the smith on the tiny ledge. I gots to get me some griptape. When I was kickflipping and shit I kept on sliding off my board cause I have like no griptape, it's all worn down. The thang I hate the most about the park is all those damn bladers, they take up too much space. They kept on getting in my way...damn in-liners. I did a text book 50-50 on a high ledge and when I dismounted the inliner was right there in my way and I had to bail and I fell and smashed my wrist againsted the floor.

2/23/00 - I finally bought me a deck. An Inhouse America Blank Deck. At first when I heard the name I thought it was some cheap piece of crap, but when I began using it it was one of the strongest boards I've ever used.

4/28/00 - I went to Washington, D.C. yesterday and I went today and all I have to say is that Washington is the mecca of skating. There are so many skate spots in Washington its not even funny. There was this one pyramid that I was dieing to skate on, but I didnt have my board. they have a whole a bunch of rails: square, round, low, high, side by side, etc. And the ledges are amazing. There is this one ledges that is all curvey, and its all waxed up too, but I didnt have my board so I couldn't grind it.