Halo. How are you?.I am a college student and so I don't have much time to work on this. I hope you enjoy it anyways.

I am 26. Goth guys can turn me on. The outlook on life they have can be so sensual. But you better treat me right, 'cause my heart is a precious thing. My hobbies are photography, jewelry, rollerblading, chatting with my friends and shopping.I was on my high school's annual as a photographer and I hope to continue in the photo buisness.(although i doubt i will)

I have a pretty normal life right now. I am in school to become a travel agent. I still love to hang out with my friends and go to concerts or festivals when we can all get together which isn't very often.
This is a bad picture of me.------->

One aspect of my life is music. I listen to all kinds of music most of the time. Some of my favorite artists right now are nine inch nails, the cure and dixie chicks.Right now my favorite cds are the downward spiral,Galore, and Fly. My all time favorite movies are the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Interview with the Vampire.

I enjoy reading good books. Some of my favorite authors are Poppy Z. Brite and Anne Rice. I reccomend that you pick up books by these authors. Vampire tales of the best kind. Let me know if you read any good vampire books or any other good books.The Harry Potter series is not that bad either once you get over that whole theory that it is only for kids.

Opium05@hotmail.com(this is not a link)

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