This is a collecetion of my favorite poetry

-Fallen Angel-							

This is a poem to my fallen angel
who has fallen from grace.
I know I hurt you
more times than I care to count.
I counted on your love
to always be there for me,
but I misused you and your love.
I thought you knew
that I was just venting my anger on you
because I thought you understood.
Your black hair and fair skin
made you my angel.
You were my soulmate,
then you hurt me.
came back to me twice fold.
Now my heart is broken,
and my faith in you is gone.
After all of your lies
I am left with the pain.
For you my fallen angel
may you rest in peace
knowing i will always love you
deep in my heart.
Memories past haunt my mind
A picture or a smell stops me in my tracks
And suddenly I think of what I had
and of what I lost.

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