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Only Slightly Narcoleptic Files For You To Download

  • [] phrase arranger randomly arranges lines/phrases for experimental prose (zipped).
  • [] converts strings of letters into decimal, binary, octal, and hex numbers, as well as reverse-alphabet and rot-13 (zipped).
  • [] converts encoded characters back into letters. Well duh (zipped).

    Bean Spleen Battle of Death
  • [] the BSBoD 2.0 .exe file, fresh off the forest floor (zipped).
  • [] the BSBoD .exe file, compiled for your enjoyment (zipped).
  • [] Bean Spleen Battle To Infinity, a "clean" version (zipped).
  • [bsboded.bas] the actual BSBoD BASIC file, educational edition.

    **Note: To exit the game, name your bean "Quit" or "Exit".
    We've had a couple calls on that one.
  • All files 2001 tDHMPSC