Clinton, August 1998

Clinton this year was hot (114 degree's at one point), not as cold during the night as last year thoough (couldn't see your breath in the air). Of course, considering Clinton IS in the middle of a desert I can't complain too much :)

I signed up as a Thrall for House Ravenspeak (see my links page for their incredible site). This ment, that in return for getting brought to Clinton and fed and housed, I washed dishes, laundry, cleaned up, filled lanterns, etc. All the regular chores so that House Ravenspeak didn't have too. Just like a regular lil slave. It's also a really good way to take people to events that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to go.  There were two other thralls with me, Gwyna of Hartwood and Lord Rhys ap Daffyd of Cragmere, so we all traded off chores and such.

We came up for the work week, arrived in the afternoon (dead on our feet tired and feeling slightly repulsed by breakfast which was bought at a greasy breakfast truckstop diner. Of course, at the time we were all too hungry to complain, until Rhys was served his porkchop and cut it open to discover that the outside was just browned and the inside was totally RAW. UGH!)

So there we were, in the hot hot heat, setting up a Norse Encampment. 3 HUGE norse tents, 2 thrall tents, and a kitchen area with a lil kinda pavalonee tent like roof thingy. Every try to help set up a Norse tent? HAHAHA!! Good luck!! It's crazy...well, easy for the people who have done it many many times, but for the unlearned, it's definatly a learning experience when you have one as big as these guys is. Like I mentioned before, check out my links page and head over to their site, they got pics of it. We had 2 Norse tents that House Ravenspeak was sleeping in, and a shower tent...yes, you read right...a shower tent. A huge flannel green and red striped hot-water shower tent. (Hell to sew! Hire someone to do it!! Really!!! It took Freydis, Grimnir, and I trading off for 3 straight days, and I was finishing up sewing the doors on, at night as we were packing up the truck to head out.)

So the days passed with Gwyna and I doing some laudry as we were tired of smelling the men we were camping with (all heavy offence to heavy fighters...but...geez!! <G>) hehehe. yea...I'm gunna get Thrall beats for that crack! hehehe.

All hail Freydis of House Ravenspeak! The GREAT cook!!! She rocks our world. Meat...we ate so much meat. Wow. Good meat...lots of meat, cabbage, stew, bread, rice, onions, vegi's, and lots lots more...mmmmm...belch! :)

Gwyna of Hartwood, a turkish bellydancer who danced for us during the event a few times. The lovely talented Gwyna. Thank you soo much for dancing, you were absolutly wonderful. (hope to scan a pic of her dancing and have it up soon)

Let's see...House Ravenspeaks 2 fierce watchdogs, Toby and Fergus, defended the camp gallently, and Toby did a little raiding himself when he ate Rory the Shiny's (of False Isle) steak dinner! Good dog. (You have to realize...that the steak was probably the same size as him! hehehe. Then there were rumors drifting back to the Tavern (where I was barmaiding) about a ransom for the dog. Then Freydis (the incredibly smart Norsewoman) was taken hostage with the dog and snuck away with the dog in tow!! Right under their noses! they realized that they had no barganing power, they began to torture the poor Vikings with belting out in off key unison "All we are give war a chance" (something was murmered about them wanting to have a war over poor Rory's empty belly, I'll find out more details later). So the Vikings responded with singing a little ditty of their own..."Teee tum...tee tum...tee tum". Needless to say it was quite entertaining to see while I popped into the camp during a wenchbreak :).

The war looked impressive. I don't know who won (ok shoot me now..I have friends who both marshalled on the side, and fought in the war, but somehow I have avoided ever hearing who won).

There was a Heidelburgh Tourney that didn't happen behind the Tavern at dusk, which was quite entertaining to not watch. ;) 

The Merchants Row was impressive as always, with incredible bargins to be made. The lovely Rayannan (?) the Sari seller gave me and some lady friends of mine an impromtu class on how to haggle/barter, complete with how to insult the sellers family, cry out loud how it's killing you, and to bemoan how terrible the workman ship of of the cloth is and how you'd be doing her a favour to take it off her hands.

There were various bardic cicles at individual emcampments, but no real offical one because the fire regulations were so high this year. Really easy to set everything aflame since everything was so dry.

Hmm...what else...ah yes, as I mention before, I tavernmaided/barwenched several evenings, made great tips (when gentles were courteous enough to tip me), and had a wonderful time. On the last night, I heard a commotion at the enterance and saw 4 muskateers/cavaliers stride in, bellowing loudly for "WENCH!!". Of course I jiggle my way over, get swept up into introductions by one of the gentles (Llothar), and hurry to serve the fine young men. I returned several times to their company, sitting on laps, flirting and kissing, and had a wonderful laughing time with them. They were wonderfully amuzing and delightful, really made my night. :)

Casualties: Well, Rory the Shiny from the Canton of False Isle got bitten by his helmet (picture available) , I got heatstroke a couple times, and of course the fighters, Mikhail and Grimnir, got a couple bruises (I think...not exactly sure....they are good fighters...).

All in all it was a wonderful event! I hope to volunteer for thrall duty next year (if they will take me on again, <hopefull smile>) and go their again.

-Christine 'the Good' Connla