Cragmere Highland Games Ceildh Results

It was a glorious event. The weather drizzled a little, but no rain when the fighting or outdoor competitions were happening. Many good Gentles came to our event and participated heartily in our Highland Games. The Feast was wonderfully served with songs and stories presented in between removes. There was laughter, song, dance, fighting, competitions, and many smiling faces. And of course, appearing in a limited engagement, the Celtic Girls, performed.

A great big thank you to everyone that participated, encouraged, and watched. Thank you for being part of the festivities and for joining the Shire of Cragmere during it's Birthday Celebration.

A special thank you to her Ladyship Riognach, Mistress Gudrun, and his Lordship Ulric for judging some of the competitions, and a big thank you to m'lady Rhyannan for bringing so many False Isle gentles to our event.

A big round of applause for our Autocrat, Lady Ceara, who busted her butt to make this event special. Hip hip Huzzah!!!


2 Dimensional Art: Lord Charles

Bardic: Lord Charles

Subtly: Christine the Good (me!)

HIGHLAND GAMES OVERALL CHAMPION:  Verner the Swede who came in 1st place in the Win a Wench, and second place in 3 other competitons had the top score as he competed in ALL the games, which was the requirement for becoming our winner.

Boulder Toss: Duncan

Wrestling:  Thorfin

Drinking Contest: Duncan (24 cups of water without going to the bathroom! Huzzah!)

Questions from the Dagda: Lorne (our Piper)

Limrick: Helga the Horrible

Win a Wench: Verner the Swede

LOST AND FOUND: 1 small gold ring. Please contact Christine to claim these items.