Incipient Canton of False Isle's First Annual Mermaid Tourney - July 11 - 12, 1998

Rhyannan of Pembroke Castle, the Autocrat's Report:

The Mermaid Tourney went very well with 52 people in attendance. People came from Cragmere, Lions Gate, Seagirt, Hartwood, Eisenmarche and of course False Isle. The site, Kentís Beach Campsite, was excellent for our camping event. The coin operated showers were a big hit and so was the beach.

I have many good gentles to thank for making the 1st Annual Mermaid Tourney a wonderful event and a big success. First and foremost I would like to thank Her Excellency Baroness Amanda for attending. Her presence was very much appreciated and we were very honoured and pleased to have her here in False Isle.

I would also like to thank Lady Rachanda of Locksley for being our Head Marshall at very short notice. Also thank you to all who helped marshall.

Thank you to Roger De Hinchelie for running our Archery competition. He did a wonderful job and the competition was a big success. Also to Osric the Smith and Eleanor De Guernsey for setting up the archery range and running the Royal Rounds.

Thank you to: Saeunn Hrafnsdottir, Assistant Autocrat, Head Herald and Mistress of the Lists; Christine the Good of Cragmere for Heralding (hey! that's me!!); Pol of the Black Fist who held an impromtu introduction to Rapier Fighting; Masamune Tetsuo, Head Constable; Thora Wolfsdottir, Gatekeeper; Argyle Morrison, Head Waterbearer; Kazimer, Gameskeeper; Rachanda of Locksley and Jesse Petch, Merchanting; the ladies of Cragmere for bringing along food to sell at last minute notice. Thanks a million! To Eleanor De Guernsey and Charles Lightheart for always being there to help out for anything and everything you ask of them; Lucia Monai, Musician; to all our friends from Cragmere for their great turn-out; to Erinn and Christopher and the other smalls who helped prepare the moonbags for us. The moonbagging was a huge success. We set fifty candles adrift on the Emerald Sea. We even had a cruise ship slow to watch us for awhile. It was spectacular! To the populace of False Isle, an outstanding group of people! It was their support and help that made the Tourney a big success.


Best Overall Fighter - Lord Kieran Azov

Most Chivalrous Fighter - Lord Mikhail Heimdallson

Winner of Archery - Grimnir Ravenaxe

Best Challenge - Grimnir Ravenaxe for his challenge to Lord Kieran


At court on Sunday Her Excellency Baroness Amanda declared Osric the Smith, our Master of Sciences in False Isle, to be her Champion of Arts and Sciences and presented him with her fret. Other presentations by the Baroness included: a favour to Svenna of Eagles Perch, a necklace to Christine the Good (hey! me again!) and a necklace to Rhys Ap Dafydd for their singing at the Bardic Circle. She also presented a favour to Lord Mikhail Heimdallson for his courtesy on the battlefield and a bracelet in recognition of his extremely well done period Norse encampment.


The First Annual Mermaid Tourney went extremely well for our first official tourney. It was unfortunate that it rained, but everyone carried on and had a good time despite the weather. The moonbagging was a very memorable part of the event for me. The sight of all those candles floating out to sea was enthralling! Keep in mind we have a famous Osric Mermaid box as a prize for next year for the best tribute to our Mermaid, be it in song, dance, poem, sketch....... Until next year.

In Service,

Rhyannan of Pembroke Castle Autocrat - Mermaid Tourney AS XXXIII