The old logo with the mushroom and the burning
pot leaf, the smoking joint and the mysterious
green fire. I do these no more. The logo seems
to read Poetry Showcase (by me at least) but it
actually reads Poetry Disposal. It is faintly
signed with the nickname "droguer," no longer
in use.

Here are some links.

Here's the poems' logo: my face turned alien
with a ripple effect and red eyes. The Sepultura
font. A link to my poems, ones old and ones new.

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Creada el 25 de junio de 1998.
Ultima actualizacion: 2 de octubre del 2005
Created on June 25, 1998.
Last updated on Oct. 2nd, 2005

This counter is for the times I've wandered around
in here editing or reading, and for other people
such as yourself. I put it up on Sept. 19, 2005,
at 3:40pm Tampa Time. Thanks for the visit.

I'm listening right now to "China Gates (for solo piano)" by John Adams.