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Welcome to my Page!
Plant your Bonham here, if you've got the Jones!

(Silly Led Zeppelin wordplay)

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My last update was: January 1, 2008

Formerly from Dothan, Alabama... Bossier City, Louisiana... Cut and Shoot, Texas... Porter, Texas...
Humble, Texas... Pinson, Alabama... Ensley, Alabama... Nashville, Tennessee...
Cropwell, Alabama... Birmingham, Alabama... Fort Walton, Florida and THE ROAD...

Recently from Cape Coral, Florida, and now...

The latest move is finished... Hello, Tallahassee!

Jan 01, 2008... Birmingham is in the pipeline for home bass... Goodbye, Tallahassee!

a photo of me and my black P-bass taken by 'Lonesome Sam from Birmingham'

This is my online home, musical resume, photography gallery, and 'wow, check this out!' site
...which will undergo numerous changes because of my recent move, so stay close...

If it's underlined, it links to something...the range is away!

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"...(If you think I'm that good, then) get me a gig, y'know?..." Jaco Pastorius, 1985

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* To be a "Master of Space and Time" requires the ability to control both the Space between the notes you play as well as the Time into which those notes are inserted. In musical notation, Space is designated as Rests and Time is designated as Tempo. This ability to control space and time is really handy when playing tunes, pieces, opuses, songs, music, concertos, fugues, rounds, jingles and ditties. Especially ditties...

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