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Hi! and welcome to my first home page!!!
Here you'll find some cool links
& great pix, and if you want to learn
more about me then this is the right place.
So sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

My page is being reconstructed at the moment and is not open...I'm sorry
for any inconvenience this may have caused.

But there is only....

My page will be reopened on Sunday, October 29, 2000!

(Hey! New important info is further down the page!)

Okay everybody, you're probably wondering what's the hold up...this page has been down for quite some time...but that is because SiteDeveloper/WebMistress-Calitexgirl is the biggest procrastinator, and she only wants to make the BEST page for you! This site has been around since 1997 and it was finally time to make some changes and add some new stuff here. Just to let ya know some of the new things that will be on this page are tons and tons of music reviews, movie reviews, a Java Chatroom, a virtual card site, even more links, a ton of updated pix, a newsletter from SGP™, and possibly an online novel...and much more! So pretty pretty please be patient (with a cherry on top).

In the meantime to contact Calitexgirl please use any of the following ways:
To contact Strawberry Gigglebox Productions™ (a sub-division of The Big Red Tomato Company™)who has played a major role in the reconstruction of Calitexgirl's site:
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Here is a link to my new Chat Page (some links now may not work but I will fix that shortly!!)
My Chat Page


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