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Are you going to see D&T at Purdue on 4.3.2002? If so, email me and let me know!

Looking for (preferably DSBD): Dave Matthews Band (especially 6.16.99, 6.24.2000, 8.13.98, 7.25.99, 9.12.2000, 9.13.2000, 7.17.2000
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Pat McGee Band
Barenaked Ladies
Ben Folds Five (especially 10.6.99 - Columbia, MO)
Pearl Jam
Howie Day

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 Compilations Singles Videos
Date Location Length Notes
Date Location Length Notes
01.05.92 Rutabaga?/Quad? Studios solo demo
04.05.92 Virginia Van Ripers Music Fest - great sound, minor flaws
07.08.92 Richmond, VA
07.21.92 Charlottesville, VA
07.28.92 Charlottesville, VA Trax - very cool old show, with Peter Griesar
08.04.92 GREAT sound, includes 30+min SOUNDCHECK
09.11.92 Charlottesville, VA GREAT SOUND - Dave solo @ DKE house
10.31.92 HALLOWEEN! perfect DSBD
12.22.92 Charlottesville, VA
12.29.92 GREAT sound
12.31.92 Richmond, VA
Date Location Length Notes
02.02.93 AMAZING sound quality (with Peter Griesar & Kristen Asbury) + GREAT 1998 filler
03.23.93 Big League Chew show - from DDS
04.22.93 Charlottesville, VA first Dave & Tim performance EVER
05.27.93 AMAZING sound quality - Dave & Tim - Tim talks!
10.30.93 New York City, NY
11.02.93 AMAZING sound quality - Carter's birthday
11.16.93 Charlottesville, VA GREAT SOUND
12.08.93 GREAT sound quality - w/ Tim Reynolds
12.31.93 Richmond, VA
Date Location Length Notes
01.29.94 New York City, NY Dave & Tim "Wetland's Acoustic"
02.04.94 Athens, GA "What You See" (set II only)
02.05.94 "Reflections" (set II only)
02.22.94 Charlottesville, VA - Recently EP source
04.13.94 Burlington, VT - includes soundcheck
07.01.94 Ballard, WA "Jimi Thing"
08.12.94 Winston-Salem, NC "Live at Ziggy's"
08.12.94 Winston-Salem, NC "Best of What's Around"
08.24.94 Richmond, VA
09.28.94 Richmond, VA "The Beginning & the End"
11.20.94 Vail, CO "All That Glitters"
11.29.94 Eugene, OR DSBD - Rapunzel as an instrumental jam
12.02.94 - opener for Phish
12.03.94 San Jose, CA - opener for Phish
12.31.94 Richmond, VA "Step Into the Light"
Date Location Length Notes
01.26.95 Burlington, VT "Live and Dreaming"
02.10.95 Upper Darby, PA
02.24.95 New York City, NY Roseland Ballroom
03.12.95 St. Louis, MO
03.17.95 Chicago, IL "End of the Tunnel"
04.18.95 Memphis, TN
05.10.95 San Francisco, CA "Unplugged at Yoshi's" - GREAT SOUND - #40
07.22.95 99x radio show - DSBD full band acoustic
08.09.95 Eugene, OR "Let's Give this Evening Up for Jerry Garcia"
09.29.95 Univ. of Virginia
12.31.95 Hampton, VA "Puzzled"
Date Location Length Notes
02.17.96 Univ. of Connecticut Dave & Tim "Too Much Fun"
02.19.96 Univ. of New Hampshire Dave & Tim "Organization"
05.06.96 New Orleans, LA "Crashing the Quarter"
11.09.96 San Francisco, CA "CAASH" - Live at the Cow House
12.31.96 Hampton, VA with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Date Location Length Notes
01.25.97 Utica, NY Dave & Tim "Acoustic Collection"
02.06.97 Blacksburg, VA Dave & Tim "As Sweet as it Gets"
02.08.97 Spartansburg, SC
02.17.97 Denver, CO Dave & Tim "Thin Air Acoustic"
02.22.97 - Dave & Tim
02.23.97 - Dave & Tim - soundcheck only
06.08.97 Hartford, CT "Live from the Meadows"
07.01.97 Morrison, CO Red Rocks
07.03.97 Park City, UT
Date Location Length Notes
04.21.98 Atlanta, GA MTV's "Live at the 10 Spot" + fillers
05.05.98 Toronto, Canada
05.20.98 Irvine, CA
05.30.98 East Troy, WI Alpine Valley
05.31.98 St. Louis, MO I was there!
06.03.98 Burgettstown, PA Star Lake Amphitheater
06.07.98 East Rutherford, NJ Giants Stadium
06.13.98 Washington, D.C. Tibetan Freedom Concert
06.27.98 Amsterdam, Holland
07.22.98 Virginia Beach, VA
08.04.98 Burgettstown, PA Star Lake Amphitheater
08.09.98 Deer Creek, IN
12.05.98 Albany, NY Pepsi Arena - with Tim Reynolds
Date Location Length Notes
01.27.99 Utica, NY Dave & Tim - great filler, Dave plays electric
01.29.99 Syracuse, NY Dave & Tim - great sound
02.05.99 Wallingford, CT Dave & Tim - DSBD
02.06.99 Storrs, CT Dave & Tim @ UCONN - GREAT SOUND - w/ John Popper
02.07.99 Lewisburg, PA Dave & Tim
02.28.99 Columbia, MO Dave & Tim - GREAT SOUND - some pops - looking for perfect copy
03.07.99 Santa Barbara, CA Dave & Tim - GREAT SOUND
03.13.99 - Dave & Tim - GREAT SOUND
03.14.99 San Rafael, CA Dave & Tim - BEST 99 D&T - with Carlos Santana & Bob Weir - filler from 3.13.99 - a few clicks, looking for perfect copy
05.11.99 Buffalo, NY great sound
06.11.99 St. Louis, MO Riverport Amphitheater - I was there!
06.12.99 Bonner Springs, KS Sandstone Amphitheater - not entire show
07.07.99 Chula Vista, CA Coors Amphitheater - 3 minute #40!
Compilations, etc.
Date Title Length Notes
Various "Eat, Drink, & Be Merry" recorded live 1993 & 1995
Various "Southern Comfort"
Various "Unplugged & More"
Various "Swept Away"
Various "Secret"
Interview DMB: The Interview Sessions 29 minute interview with DMB (radio call-in show)
Broadcast BTCS Album Network Broadcast Matt Pinfield interviews the band about BTCS
CD Singles & Promos
Album Title Length Notes
Varoius R2T/UTAD Promo CD album, solo acoustic, Dave & Tim versions
UTAD What Would You Say edit version
UTAD Satellite cold edit, fade edit, album + Christmas Song
Crash So Much To Say album and edit versions + #41 (Dave & Tim)
Crash Too Much edit + Ants Marching (live) & Jimi Thing (Dave & Tim)
Crash Crash Into Me edit, acoustic, and album versions
Crash Two Step edit, acoustic, and album versions +
Crash Into Me and Typical Situation (both acoustic)
Crash Tripping Billies edit, album, live, suggested callout hook
BTCS Excerpts from BTCS released to promote BTCS
BTCS Don't Drink the Water album and edit versions
BTCS Don't Drink the Water edit + Crash Into Me (live) & Tripping Billies (live)
BTCS Stay (Wasting Time) remix, edit, and album versions
BTCS Crush edit and album versions
Date Location Length Notes
??.??.92 Richmond, VA Floodzone - good quality for being so old
04.05.92 Charlottesville, VA Van Ryper's Music Festival - audio from soundboard
03.17.95 Chicago, IL Aragon Ballroom + MTV 05.06.96 filler
03.27.95 Milan, Italy
07.08.95 Lorely, Germany
10.10.96 Albany, NY Knickerbocker Arena - 110 min.
10.31.98 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
12.05.98 Albany, NY Pepsi Arena - FANTASTIC - multiple cameras!
03.14.99 San Rafael, CA Dave & Tim - with Carlos Santana and Bob Weir
Various Various various performances, 1994 - 1995


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