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10/22/91 @ Trax
Tape 1 Side A:Warehouse, Recently, In The Spotlight, One Sweet World, Angel From
Montgomery, Typical Situation, Song That Jane Likes, What Would You Say
Tape 1 Side B:Dancing Nancies, Tripping Billies, Exodus, Cry Freedom, Me & Julio,
Watchtower, People..People, Best of What's Around

9/11/92 @ DKE House, U of VA (Charlottesville) - Dave Matthews Solo
Tape 1 Side A: Tripping Billies, One Sweet World, Lie In Our Graves, Redemption Song,
So Much To Say, Ants Marching, Two Step, Lover Lay Down, Help Myself, 
I'll Back You Up, Untitled
Tape 1 Side A: Satellite, Typical Situation, Dancing Nancies, Spotlight

1/20/93 @ Floodzone
Tape 1 Side A: One Sweet World, Satellite, Dancing Nancies, Angel From Montgomery,
Pay For What You Get, Lie In Our Graves, What Would You Say
Tape 1 Side A: Help Myself, Granny, Blue Water, Christmas Song, Watchtower,
Halloween, Minarets
Tape 2 Side A: In The Spotlight, Typical Situation, Warehouse, Lover Lay Down
Tape 2 Side B: True Reflections, Two Step, Ants Marching, Recently
3/23/93 @ Trax, Big League Chew Show
Tape 1 Side A: Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors, Minarets, Best of What's Around, Typical
Situation, Watchtower, I'll Back You Up, Two Step, Granny, Jimi Thing (cuts)
Tape 1 Side B: Jimi Thing (cont'd), Ants Marching, So Much To Say, One Sweet
World, True Reflections
Tape 2 Side A: Recently, Rhyme & Reason, Dancing Nancies, #34 (w/ words)
Tape 2 Side B: Minarets, Blue Water, Warehouse, Tripping Billies;
Filler (4/18/93 Brown's Island): Halloween
7/6/93 @ Trax - Charlottesville, VA
Tape 1 Side A: Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors, Cry Freedom, One Sweet World,
Lie In Our Graves, Christmas Song, Greg Howard Solo Jam, Dancing Nancies
Tape 1 Side B: Granny, Recently, Satellite, Warehouse, Pay For What You Get
9/3/93 @ Ziggy's - Winston-Salem, NC
Tape 1 Side A: Granny, One Sweet World, Warehouse, Lie In Our Graves, Help Myself,
Tape 1 Side B: Song That Jane Likes, Tripping Billies, Ants Marching, Jimi Thing,
Say Goodbye, Minarets
Tape 2 Side A: Typical Situation, Dancing Nancies, What Would You Say, True
Reflections, Watchtower, Lover Lay Down
Tape 2 Side B: Recently, Best of What's Around, Watchtower, Jimi Thing, Ants
Marching, Halloween
9/14/93 @ Chicago - Cubby Bear
Tape 1 Side A: Best of What's Around, Watchtower, Lie In Our Graves, Typical
Situation, Dancing Nancies, I'll Back You Up, Tripping Billies, Recently
Tape 1 Side B: Satellite, Granny, One Sweet World, True Reflections, Minarets,
Blue Water
11/10/93 @ Floodzone, R2T Release Party (only 1 of 2)
Tape 1 Side A: Say Goodbye, Tangerine, Redemption Song, Minarets, Satellite,
Song That Jane Likes, One Sweet World
Tape 1 Side B: Lie In Our Graves, Dancing Nancies, Granny, True Reflections, Tripping
Billies, Jimi Thing

2/4/94 @ Athens, GA (set 2)
Tape 1 Side A: (Tomorrow Never Knows, Minarets, Typical Situation, Song That Jane
Likes, Jimi Thing, Granny
Tape 1 Side B: Dancing Nancies, Recently, (Take Me to the River), Warehouse, (Wild
Thing); Filler: Dancing Nancies, Warehouse
4/14/94 @ Athens, GA
Tape 1 Side A: Minarets, Typical Situation, Song That Jane Likes, Jimi Thing, Granny,
Ants Marching
Tape 1 Side B: Recently, Warehouse
7/17/94 @ Seattle, WA
Tape 1 Side A: Intro, One Sweet World, Song That Jane Likes, Dancing Nancies, Pay
For What You Get, Lie In Our Graves
Tape 1 Side B: Jimi Thing, Seek Up, Tripping Billies, Watchtower, Satellite
Tape 2 Side A: Ants Marching, I'll Back You Up, Recently; Filler (8/4/96 George,
WA The Gorge: HORDE): Best of What's Around, Tripping Billies, #41, Two Step
Tape 2 Side B: Two Step (cont'd), Crash, Too Much, So Much To Say, Jimi Thing, #36*
[* = w/ Harold Todd]
7/17/94 @ Atlanta, GA, Masquerade Park (???)
Tape 1 Side A: Recently, Satellite, Tripping Billies, Rhyme & Reason, Dancing
Nancies, Warehouse, Say Goodbye
Tape 1 Side B: Say Goodbye, Seek Up
8/12/94 @ Winston-Salem, NC - Ziggy's (1/2 CD , 1/2 tape)
CD 1: Song That Jane Likes, Tripping Billies, Say Goodbye, Two Step, Best of What's
Around, Rhyme & Reason, Jimi Thing, Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, Pay For What
You Get
Tape 1 Side A: Satellite, #36, On Broadway/Recently, Typical Situation,
Granny, Ants Marching
Tape 1 Side B: I'll Back You Up, What Would You Say, Halloween, Rhyme & Reason,
Satllite, Dancing Nancies
8/27/94 @ Boulder, CO
Tape 1 Side A:
Tape 1 Side B:
11/20/94 @ Vail, CO - Marriot Ballroom
Tape 1 Side A: Seek Up, Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, Song That Jane Likes, 
Best of What's Around
Tape 1 Side B: Pay For What You Get, Tripping Billies, Satellite, True Reflections, 
Say Goodbye, Get In Line, Rhyme & Reason
Tape 2 Side A: #36, Ants Marching, Recently, Watchtower;
Filler (2/17/96 Dave/Tim): Jimi Thing
Tape 2 Side B: Filler (2/6/96 Dave/Tim): #41; Filler (11/10/96 MRL Radio Show): 
So Much To Say, Tripping Billies, #41, Recently, Ants Marching
12/31/94 @ Richmond, VA
Tape 1 Side A: Two Step, Best of What's Around, Granny, What Would You Say, 
Get In Line, Say Goodbye
Tape 1 Side B: Satellite, #36, Ants Marching, True Reflections, Song That Jane Likes,
Dancing Nancies
Tape 2 Side A: Warehouse, Jimi Thing, Lie In Our Graves, Recently
Tape 2 Side B: Tripping Billies, Watchtower

2/23/95 @ NYC - Roseland Theater (w/ John Popper)
Tape 1 Side A: Seek Up, Satellite, Dancing Nancies, Lie In Our Graves, 
Rhyme & Reason
Tape 1 Side B: Say Goodbye, Help Myself
Tape 2 Side A: What Would You Say, Jimi Thing, Recently, #36
Tape 2 Side B: Ants Marching, Angel From Montgomery, Tripping Billies, 
What Would You Say*
[*=recorded at MTV's spring break]
2/24/95 @ NYC - Roseland Theater
Tape 1 Side A:
Tape 1 Side B:
Tape 2 Side A:
Tape 2 Side B:
8/11/95 @ Greek Theatre - Berkely, CA
Tape 1 Side A: Seek Up, Proudest Monkey, Satellite, Dancing Nancies, Warehouse
Tape 1 Side B: Say Goodbye, Tripping Billies, Jimi Thing, Eyes of the World
Tape 2 Side A: #41, Recently, Two Step, Ants Marching, Typical Situation
Tape 2 Side B: Watchtower; Filler (11/29/95 Dave/Tim @ James Madison Univ.)
8/25/95 @ Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center
Tape 1 Side A: Best of What's Around, One Sweet World, Proudest Monkey, Satellite,
Dancing Nancies, Warehouse
Tape 1 Side B: Help Myself, Lover Lay Down, Recently, What Would You Say, Minarets
Tape 2 Side A: Rhyme & Reason, Say Goodbye, Two Step, Ants Marching, I'll Back You
Up, Drive In Drive Out
Tape 2 Side B: Tripping Billies
12/31/95 @ Hampton, VA
Tape 1 Side A: Warehouse, Proudest Monkey, Satellite, One Sweet World, Dancing
Nancies, Crash Into Me
Tape 1 Side B: Jimi Thing, Two Step, Rhyme & Reason, Little Thing, Watchtower,
(countdown to 1996), Tripping Billies
Tape 2 Side A: Drive In Drive Out, Ants Marching, Seek Up, On Broadway/Recently,
Christmas Song, Too Much
Tape 2 Side B: So Much To Say; Filler (3/17/95 Tower Records, Chicago): So Much To
Say, Dancing Nancies, Rhyme & Reason, Pay For What You Get, Tripping Billies

2/17/96 @ Jorgensen Auditorium, U of CT-Storrs,CT*(Dave/Tim) (CD)
CD 1: Proudest Monkey, Satellite, #41, What Would You Say, Typical Situation,
Southern Man, Lie In Our Graves, Tripping Billies, Dave/Tim Dance, Dancing Nancies,
Say Goodbye, Deed Is Done(?)
CD 2: Two Step, Christmas Song, Crash Into Me, Angel From Montgomery,
Warehouse, Granny, Ants Marching, Little Thing/Common Ground(?), Watchtower,
Cry Freedom
[*=not entire concert]
2/18/96 @ Hanover, NJ? - Leede Arena, Dartmouth College (Dave/Tim)
Tape 1 Side A: One Sweet World, Recently, Dancing Nancies, Lie In Our Graves,
Tripping Billies, Proudest Monkey, Satellite
Tape 1 Side B: Song That Jane Likes, #41, So Much To Say, Tangerine, What
Would You Say, Minarets, Typical Situation, I'll Back You Up
Tape 2 Side A: Jimi Thing, Crash Into Me, Weight of the World, Stream, Pay For
What You Get, Say Goodbye
Tape 2 Side B: Granny, Christmas Song, Ants Marching, Little Thing, Angel From
Montgomery, Cry Freedom
2/19/96 @ Durham, NH (Dave/Tim)
Tape 1 Side A: Warehouse, #41, Dancing Nancies, Chicago, Lie In Our Graves,
Lover Lay Down
Tape 1 Side B: Proudest Monkey, Satellite, Tripping Billies, Angel From Montgomery,
What Would You Say, Minarets, Typcial Situation, Hold Me Down*
Tape 2 Side A: Weight of the World, Jimi Thing, Two Step, Stream**, Seek Up,
Say Goodbye
Tape 2 Side B: Christmas Song, Ants Marching, Little Thing, Crash, Tangerine,
Watchtower, Cry Freedom
[*=Dave solo] [**=Tim solo]
5/11/96 @ Toronto, Canada - Toronto Concert Hall
Tape 1 Side A:
Tape 1 Side B:
Tape 2 Side A:
Tape 2 Side B:
6/8/96 @ Saratoga, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Tape 1 Side A: Best of What's Around, Two Step, Crash Into Me, Jimi Thing, #41
Tape 1 Side B: Granny, Too Much, Song That Jane Likes, Cry Freedom, So Much
To Say, Satellite
Tape 2 Side A: Seek Up, Drive In Drive Out, #36, Ants Marching
Tape 2 Side B: Watchtower
10/4/96 @ NYC - Madison Square Garden
Tape 1 Side A:
Tape 1 Side B:
Tape 2 Side A:
Tape 2 Side B:
10/16/96 @ Rochester, NY
Tape 1 Side A: Seek Up, Lie in Our Graves, #41, Tripping Billies, Crash Into Me
Tape 1 Side B: Two Step, One Sweet World, Too Much, Minarets, Typical Situation
Tape 2 Side A: Rhyme & Reason, Recently, #36, Ants Marching
Tape 2 Side B: All Along the Watchtower
12/31/96 @ Hampton Colisseum, NY
Tape 1 Side A: Seek Up, Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, Say Goodbye
Tape 1 Side B: Satellite, Rhyme & Reason, Two Step, Crash Into Me, So Much To Say,
Jam, Too Much
Tape 2 Side A: Tripping Billies, Lie In Our Graves, #41, Minarets
Tape 2 Side B: Typcial Situation, Dueling Banjos, Ants Marching, Watchtower

1/30/97 @ Providence, RI - Vets Memorial Auditorium (Dave/Tim)
Tape 1 Side A: Warehouse, Dancing Nancies, #41, Lie In Our Graves, Two Step,
Let You Down, Crash Into Me (cut)
Tape 1 Side B: Crash Into Me (cut), Angel From Montgomery, Too Much,
So Much To Say, Proudest Monkey, Satellite, Stream, Deed Is Done, Crazy, Little Thing
Tape 2 Side A: Say Goodbye, Tripping Billies, Lover Lay Down, Pay For What You Get,
Ants Marching, Christmas Song, Minarets
Tape 2 Side B: Filler (11/9/94): Get In Line, Jimi Thing, Song That Jane Likes,
Lover Lay Down, What Would You Say, Tripping Billies

Dave Matthews Solo Demo - Rutabega Studios, VA
Tape 1 Side A: Best of What's Around, Recently, Cry Freedom, Tripping Billies, Song
That Jane Likes, I'll Back  You Up, What Would You Say, After Her (Satellite), Lover
Lay Down, One Sweet World, Typical Situation
Two Step Demo CD
Tape 1 Side A: Two Step (edit), Two Step (acoustic), Crash Into Me (acoustic), Typical
Situation (acoustic), So Much To Say (acoustic), Two Step (album version)
So Much To Say Demo CD
CD 1: So Much To Say (edit), So Much To Say (album version), #41 (Dave/Tim: 2/6/96
@ Luther College, Decorah Iowa)
DMB Eat, Drink, & Be Merry (various 1993 & 1995) CD
CD 1: What Would You Say, Ants Marching, Jimi Thing, Watchtower, Tripping Billies,
Granny, Dancing Nancies, Drive In Drive Out, Two Step, Song That Jane Likes, 
Help Myself, Rhyme & Reason
DMB Live in South Africa
Tape 1 Side A: Dancing Nancies, I'll Back You Up, Halloween, Warehouse, Blue Baboon
Farm, Satellite, Granny, Halloween, So Much To Say
Tape 1 Side B: One Sweet World, Minarets, In The Spotlight, Pay For What You
Get, Lie In Our Graves, Dancing Nancies, Lover Lay Down, Best of What's Around,
Cry Freedom
DMB "Talking Rhymes In"
Tape 1 Side A: Acoustic Demos: Song That Jane Likes, Typical Situation, Dancing
Nancies; JBTV Chicago, IL 1995: Typical Situation, Dancing Nancies, Pay For What
You Get, Tripping Billies; House of Blues, LA 1995: Tripping Billies, Rhyme & Reason
Tape 1 Side B: House of Blues, LA 1995 (cont'd): What Would You Say, Ants
Marching, Best of What's Around; Saturday Night Live, NYC 1995: What Would You
Say, Ants Marching; Birchmere, Alexandria, VA 1995: Ants Marching
DMB Rarity Compilations 1,2,3
Tape 1 Side A: Get In Line, Lie In Our Graves, Redemption Song, #36, Say Goodbye,
Eyes of the Maker, Spotlight, Exodus
Tape 1 Side B: Two Step, So Much To Say, Granny, Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors,
Anynoise/Antinoise, After Her (Satellite), Help Myself, #41, True Reflections, Halloween
Tape 2 Side A: Two Step, Spotlight, Help Myself, Granny, Lie In Our Graves, 
Cry Freedom, #36
Tape 2 Side B: People...People, So Much To Say, Say Goodbye, The Maker, One Sweet
World, Song That Jane Likes, Typical Situation, Dancing Nancies, Ants Marching
Tape 3 Side A: Warehouse, Sweet Home Alabama, Ants Marching, #41, Don't Burn The
Pig, #40, Exodus, Me and Julio
Tape 3 Side B: Halloween, Ants Marching, Too Much, Three Little Birds, Hold Me
Up, Doobie Thing, Don't Burn The Pig, #41
DMB Released Albums
DMB - Remember Two Things CD
DMB - Recently EP CD
DMB - Under the Table and Dreaming CD
DMB - Crash CD

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