General Update: Tuesday, May 24, 2005

General update.
Well it sure has been some time since updating this webpage. I guess I just kinda lost interest. Just got back from a brief visit to Darwin, NT. Met some great people up there and basically had a lot of fun.
Now for the car... Have since added a Blitz LM spec intercooler kit, Apexi AVC-R electronic boost controller, 500hp fuel pump, and an AEM fuel pressure regulator. With the help of APC Racing down the southside the 200 was able to register 189.3 rwkw. Probably enough grunt to do 110-112mph times, although I doub't I'll get back to the track. Not bad for 0.95 bar of boost and stock clutch. The car has now done almost 70,000 k's on the standard clutch and is still running fine. I must be pretty lucky. I don't have the usual gearbox whine that some people seem to have with their S15's. Will post some new pics sometime if I get around to it.

General Update: Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Willowbank Test & Tune.
Went back to the Test n Tune to see how things are in slightly cooler air. Haha what a dope. I had 3 runs. First one bogged down for a 14 .0, second one I wheelspun off the line before hitting the fuel cut and missing 2nd. Third run was not so back with a 13.7. Just shows that launching the car is quite an art... Something that I've obviously forgotten how to do. I spent the rest of the night filming other cars on a digital video camera. Unfortunately their weren't too many interesting cars that night.

General Update: Friday, March 14, 2003

I purchased some new tyres for the car today. The old ones were a little worn out. (don't know why?!?! hahaa) I had planned on fitting some Yokohamas but a friend of mine didn't end up getting them in for me. Was a little disappointed. I did end up fitting some Kuhmo's. (Kuhmo Ecsta 712'). They seem to be ok. And for around $40 cheaper a tyre they seem ok. They're made with the same sillica compound and rated pretty well on (so long as you don't try to use em in the snow...)

General Update: Friday, January 17, 2003

New webpage up!
Happy new year everyone. I've decided to create a webpage with the history of the buildup of my car. Hopefully people will find some value in reading my page.

General Update: Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Willowbank Test and Tune.
Time to hit the track and see how the car's performing after the latest modifications. Some friends and I made the trip out to Willowbank Raceway to one of their popular "Test and Tune" nights. A friend of mine took his new MY00 Subaru WRX while another mate ran also ran his Yamaha YZF R6 motorcycle.

Track conditions were pretty hot but I managed to run some times that I'm pretty stoked about.

My Nissan 200sx - 13.498 @ 106.61 mph
Brendan's MY00 Subaru WRX - 14.6 @ ? ... mind you he was "Driving Miss Daisy" on the launches and trying not to break anything...
Anthony's Yamaha YZF R6 - 12.10 @ ?

Tuning Update: Friday, December 6, 2002

Addition of
Turbo XS High Performance Boost Controller.
I purchased the Turbo XS HPBC from Phil's Rotaries in Albion for $135. The HPBC is a great little bleed valve and has a course and fine adjustment to control how quick the boost comes on. About 30 mins to install and looks pretty neat. The car no longer spikes as it did before with the restrictor removed and gives me some room for adjustment. I did want the Apexi AVC-R for the wank factor and its adjustability.... but for $900 less, its an awesome purchase for someone on a budget. I've set the bleed valve up to run 12 psi.

General Update: Saturday, November 23, 2002

Performance Forums Dyno Day: 4 cylinder shootout.
After the addition of the new exhaust, I ran the car on the dyno again at Redcliffe Dyno & Performance.
I was pleased with my results. 215hp at the rear wheels. Not bad for an exhaust, pod filter, and with the boost restrictor removed.

Congratulations also to my mates for their results:
Mark - 266 rwhp (Nissan S15 200sx)
Todd - 232 rwhp (Nissan S14a 200sx)
Shannon - 218 rwhp (Nissan S13 180sx)
Geoff - 199 rwhp (Nissan S13 180sx)
Jarrod - 124 rwhp (Nissan S13 Silvia, stock CA18DET)

All results can be found here. Thanks to Steve and all the guys at Redcliffe Dyno & Performance.
Dyno Graph

Tuning Update: Friday, November 15, 2002

Addition of 3" exhaust.
Tired of being relatively stock, I took the plunge and purchased a 3" exhaust. I had the exhaust fitted at Jack Beadham's in Redcliffe. The system consists of a 3" dump, high flow cat, a small stainless centre muffler, and a stainless Magnaflow rear muffler. The Magnaflow muffler has twin tips to look stock but has plenty of aggression about it. The fabrication of the exhaust is top quality and does not shake or rattle at all. I was very impressed with the attention to detail the guys at Jack Beadham's took. The exhaust note is relatively quiet due to the addition of the extra muffler.

General Update: Saturday, November 23, 2002

Performance Forums Dyno Day.
I attended the Performance Forums Dyno Day at Redcliffe Dyno & Performance. I wasn't expecting
to achieve any huge numbers, but more obtaining a baseline for future modifications.
The car registered a figure of 192 rwhp. Not bad for a stock 200 with a pod filter and the boost restrictor removed.
Dyno Graph

General Update: Wednesday, April 16, 2002

Willowbank Test and Tune.
A friend of mine and I went to the Test and Tune at Willowbank. It was our first experience at quarter mile drag racing so we were understandably pretty nervous. I recorded at time of 14.26 @ 100 mph in a stock 200 (albeit with a pod filter and the restrictor removed). My friend Todd recorded a best time of 13.87 @ 103.33 mph in his tuned S14a. On another run he had a better 400m mph of 104.72 mph. All in all I was pretty stoked with my results.

Tuning Update: April, 2002

Addition of King Dragon pod filter and removal of Boost restrictor.
I purchased a 3" King Dragon pod filter from Redcliffe Dyno & Performance. Cost was $125 and it took me around an hour to remove the standard air box and fit the pod. The induction roar can now be heard clearly.

After going to the Briz-S13 cruise up Mt Tamborine and speaking to another guy who owns an S15, I removed the 6mm hose to the standard electronic boost control solenoid and replaced it with a straight through hose without the brass restrictor. Total cost was like $3. Boost pressure now registers around 9 psi on the Autometer boost guage.


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