Added 2-1-02
Cocteau Twins- Treasure- cd
Cocteau Twins- Blue Bell Knoll- cd
Budd/Cocteau Twins- The Moon and the Melodies- cd
Badalamenti/Booth- Booth and the Bad Angel- cdr
Jimmy Eat World- Bleed American- cdr
Jeff Buckley- Live at L'Olympia- cdr
Bonnie Prince Billy- s/t- cdr
The Black Heart Procession- three- cdr
Bright Eyes- Fevers and Mirrors- cdr
Sixteen Horsepower- Sackcloth 'n' Ashes- cdr
Anathema- A Fine Day to Exit- cdr
Idlewild- 100 Broken Mirrors- cdr
Richard Buckner- Since- cdr

Added 1-15-02
Tim Story- Beguiled- cd
The Jesus and Mary Chain- Psychocandy- cdr
Johnny Thunders- Hurt Me- cdr
Supersuckers- The Sacralicious Sounds of the Supersuckers- cdr
Blood Storm- Ancient Wraith of RU- cdr

Added 1-8-02
Gorgoroth- The Last Tormentor- 7"
Red House Painters- s/t(bridge album)- cd
New Order- BBC Radio Live in Concert- cd

Added 12-21-01
A Silver Mt. Zion- Born Into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward- cd
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions- Bavarian Fruit Bread- cd
Balzac/Rocky & the Sweden/Delta- Abstruct Madness compilation- cdr
Balzac- Unvarnished Facts- cd single
Cure- Cut Here- cd single
AFI- The Art of Drowning- cd
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros- Global a Go-Go- cdr

Added 11-29-01
Current 93- Some Soft Black Stars Seen Over London- cd
Baby Dee- Limited 4 Track promo- cd
Baby Dee- Little Window- cd
Antony and the Johnsons- s/t- cd
Einsturzende Neubauten- Halber Mensch- cd

Added 11-02-01
Josh Rouse- Laughter- cd promo
Josh Rouse- Directions- cd promo
Josh Rouse- Dressed Up Like Nebraska- cd promo
Josh Rouse- Bedroom Classics- cd
Enya- A Day Without Rain- cd
Judas Priest- British Steel- cd
Lilitu- Memorial- cd
Balzac- Zennou- cassette box
Balzac- Oldevils split- lp
Pyogenesis- Twinaleblood- cd single
Misfits- Cuts from the Crypt- cd
Joy Division- Warsaw demos- cd
Julee Cruise- Rockin' Back Inside My Heart- cd single
Wumpscut- Wreath of Barbs- cdr
Front Line Assembly- Epitaph- cdr
Ashes- Swirl- cdr
Midsummer- Moon Shadow- cdr
The Damned- The Black Album- cdr
Obtained Enslavement- Witchcraft- lp

Added 9-12-01
Obtained Enslavement- Soulblight- cd
Balzac- No Death Before the Human Race With Mental Faculties- box set
Son of Sam- Songs From the Earth- lp
The Damned- Grave Disorder- cdr
Gorgoroth- Under the Sign of Hell- cd
Emperor- IX Equilibrium- cd
Josh Rouse/Kurt Wagner- Chester- cd
Nile- Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka- cd
Nile- Black Seeds of Vengeance- cd

Added 8-5-01
Jeff Buckley- Grace- cd
Josh Rouse- Directions promo- cd

Added 7/21/01
Obtained Enslavement- The Shepherd and the Hounds of Hell- cd
Herbst9- From a Dark Chasm Below- cd
Melek-Tha- Evil is Too Strong- cd
His Divine Grace- Reverse Aleph- cd
Throbbing Gristle- CD1- cdr
Psychic TV- Descending(live)- cdr
Haunted Garage- Possession Park- cdr
Swans- Children of God- cdr
Sexadelic Dance Party- Music From Vampyros Lesbos- cdr
Cure- Atlanta Dream Tour(live)- 3xcdr

Added 7/20/01
Eternal Tears of Sorrow- Chaotic Beauty- cd
Entwine- Gone- cd
Paragon of Beauty- Comfort Me, Infinity- cd
To/Die/For- All Eternity- cd
Godspeed You Black Emperor- Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven- Lp

Added 7/12/01
Balzac- The 4 Brothers Meet Misery Skull- cdr
Balzac- Neat Neat Neat/End of Century- flexi 7" vinyl
Balzac- Nowhere #13/Tomorrow 2001 single- cdr
Profane Grace- Epitaph of Shattered Dreams- cd
Katatonia- Discouraged Ones- cd
Katatonia- Dance of December Souls- cdr
Liquido- At the Rocks- cdr
Current 93- Swastikas For Noddy- cdr
Current 93- Dogs Blood Rising- cd
Calla- Scavengers- cdr
Steve Roach- Early Man- 2xcdr
Thursday- Full Collapse- cdr
Amon- The Legacy- cdr
Merzbow- Unknown Tape- cdr
Aural Torture Mechanism- Counterattack- cdr

Added 7/05/01

Godspeed You Black Emperor- f#a#oo- lp vinyl

Meshuggah- Destroy Erase Improve- cd

Samhain- Box Set- 5xcd

Added 6/28/01

Stapleton/Tibet- The Sadness of Things- cdr

Starflyer 59- Easy Come Easy Go- 2cdr

Red House Painters- Old Ramon- cd

Sigur Ros- Agaetis Byrjun- cdr

Devin Townsend- Ocean Machine/Biomech- cdr

HIM- Razorblade Romance- cdr

Opeth- My Arms, Your Hearse- cdr

Added 6/19/01

Current 93/Aiofe Gibson- Who is the Sufferer?- 12" pic-disc single

Current 93/Nurse With Wound- Bright Yellow Moon/Purtle- 2xcd

Added 6/12/01

Current 93- All Dolled Up Like Christ- 2xcd

Raison D'etre- The Empty Hollow Unfolds- cd

Arcana- The Dark Age of Reason- cd

Tiamat- Skeleton Skeletron- cd

Added 6/9/01

Disembowelment- Transcendence Into the Peripheral- cd

Burzum- Hlidskjalf- cd

Added 5/19/01

Balzac- Zennou...- 2xLP

Current 93- Hitler as Kalki- cd

Current 93- Where the Long Shadows Fall- cd

Added 5/05/01

Safe Rock and Roll Sucks- compilation with Balzac- 7" vinyl

Coil- Unnatural History- cdr

Death In June- Operation Hummingbird- cdr

Current 93- Imperium- cdr

Low- Things We Lost In the Fire- cdr

Flux Information Sciences- Private/Public- cdr

Stacey Earle- Simple Gearle- cdr

Added 4/15/01

Ozzy Osbourne- Blizzard of Ozz- cd

Added 4/09/01

Der Blutharsch- Track of the Hunted- lp

Samael- Ceremony of Opposites- cdr

Added 3/39/01

Current 93/Cashmore/Heeman- An Introduction To Suffering- cd

Raison D'etre- In Sadness, Silence and Solitude- cd

Nature and Organisation- Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude- cd

Stiff Little Fingers- All the Best- 2xcdr

Stiff Little Fingers- Now Then- cdr

Stiff Little Fingers- Go For It- cdr

Meshuggah- Chaosphere- cdr

Therion- Vovin- cdr

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros- Rock Art and the X-Ray Style- cdr

Added 3/25/01

Soilwork- A Predator's Portrait- cdr

Agents of Oblivion- s/t- cdr

Placebo- Black Market Music- cdr

Rotting Christ- Khronos- cdr

Throbbing Gristle- Second Annual Report- cdr

Steve Earle- Train A Comin'- cdr

Current 93- Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre- cdr

Bridges of Madison County- movie soundtrack- cd

Sturmovik- Feldweihe- cassette dub

Der Blutharsch- Track of the Hunted- cassette dub

Free the West Memphis 3- benefit compilation- cassette dub

Added 3/13/01

In the Nursery- Duality- cd

Nurse With Wound- Large Ladies With Cakes in the Oven- cd

Nurse With Wound- Who Can I Turn To Stereo- cd

Added 2/25/01

Steve Earle- Transcendental Blues- cd

MSBR- Collabodestructivists- cd

MSBR- Metal Stricken Terror Action- cassette

Magnetic Fields- 69 Love Songs- 3xcd

Pyogenesis- Twinaleblood- cd

Added 2/9/01

Coil- Tainted Love- cd single

Red House Painters- I am a Rock- cd single promo

Added 1/24/01

Devil Doll- Dies Irae- cd

Cradle of Filth- The Principle of Evil Made Flesh- cd

Added 1/10/01

Ikon- A Moment in Time- cdr

Ikon- In the Shadow of the Angel- cdr

Cocteau Twins- Milk and Kisses- cdr

Cocteau Twins- Love's Easy Tears single- cdr

Joy Division- Love Will Tear Us Apart- 12" vinyl

Added 12/27/00

Unto Ashes- Moon Oppose Moon- cd

Low- Venus 7"- vinyl

Added 12/25/00

Einsturzende Neubauten- Silence is Sexy- cd

Balzac- The Almighty Innumerable Eyes Points to Death- cd

Steve Earle- El Corazon- cassette dub

Steve Earle- Copperhead Road- cassette dub

Lacrimosa- Stolzes Herz- cdr single

Added 11/28/00

Current 93- Soft Black Stars- cd

Added 11/24/00

Power of a New Aeon- gothic/darkwave compilation- cd

Immortal Legends- industrial/darkwave compilation- cd

Added 11/16/00

Trial of the Bow- Ornamentation- cdep

Specimen- Batastrophe- cassette

Wire- A Bell is a Cup Until it is Struck- cassette

Swans- The Burning World- cassette

Lilitu- The Earth Gods- cd

Added 10/28/00

Burzum- Hvis Lyset Tar Oss- cd

Lacrimosa- Satura- cd

Added 10/23/00

Josh Rouse- Home- cd

Added 10/22/00

Balzac- The Last Men on Earth- cd

Balzac- Deep Teenagers from Outer Space- cd

Balzac- 13 Stairway The Children of the Night- cd

Balzac/Sobut- Oldevils Legend of Blood split- cdep

Balzac- Into the Light of the 13 Dark Night- cdep

Added 10/12/00

Josh Rouse- Dressed Up Like Nebraska- cd

Pink Floyd- Ummagumma- 2xcd

Rush- Hemispheres- cd

Added 10/4/00

Current 93- Calling For Vanished Faces- 2xcd

Eisteddfod- dark ambient compilation- cd

Added 9/23/00

Current 93- Lucifer Over London- cassette dub

Current 93- Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre- cassette dub

Current 93- Dogs Blood Rising- cassette dub

Death In June- The Guilty Have No Pride- cassette dub

Added 9/22/00

The Cure- Concert- cd

Lacrimosa- Elodia- cd

Mark Kozelek- Rock and Roll Singer- cd

Added 9/9/00

Cranes- Population Four- cd

Lacrimosa- Einsamkeit- cd

Added 8/31/00

Devil Doll- The Girl Who Was...Death- cd

Devil Doll- Eliogabalus- cd

Devil Doll- Sacrilegium- cd

Devil Doll- The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms- cd

Added 7/24/00

Julee Cruise- Floating Into the Night- cd

Pyogenesis- Ignis Creatio- cassette dub

Added 7/20/00

Windham Hell- Reflective Depths Imbibe- cd

Current 93- Thunder Perfect Mind- cd

Added 7/13/00

The Cure- Faith/Carnage Visors- cassette

Added 7/11/00

Current 93- Sleep Has His House- cd

Twin Peaks- tv soundtrack- cd

Added 7/10/00

Dargaard- Eternity Rites- cd

...the Soil Bleeds Black- Alchemie- cd

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas- s/t- cd

The Moors- s/t- cd

Necrophorous- Gathering Composed Thoughts- cd

Added 6/19/00

Probe- User Friendly- cd

Pyogenesis- Mono...- cd

Added 5/20/00

Katatonia- Tonight's Decision- cassette dub

Eyeless In Gaza- Song of the Beautiful Wanton- cd

Raison D'Etre- Collective Archives- double cd

Stoa- Porta VIII- cd

Current 93- Earth Covers Earth- cd

Added 3/17/00

Cocteau Twins- Heaven or Las Vegas- cd

Added 3/8/00

Etant Donnes- Offenbarung und Untergang- cassette dub

The Body Haters- s/t- cassette dub

Neurosis- Times of Grace- cassette dub

Added 2/16/00

The Cure- Bloodflowers- cd

Added 1/31/00

Probe!- Microscopic- 7" vinyl

Park Ave/Wrens- split ep- 7" vinyl

Park Ave- When Jamie Went To London...We Broke Up- cd

Raison D'Etre- Reflections From the Time of Opening MCMXCI- cassette dub

Death in June- But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?- cassette dub

Promise Ring- Very Emergency- cassette dub

Swingin' Utters- Sounds Wrong ep- cassette dub

Swingin' Utters- Brazen Head ep- cassette dub

Le Rue Delashay- The Court Composer- cd

Added 12/24/99

Blod- Starbright- cd

Ordo Equilibrio- Reaping the Fallen, the First Harvest- cd

Mortiis- The Stargate- cd

Low- Christmas ep- cd

Controlled Bleeding- Songs From the Ashes- cd

Rosewater Elizabeth- Le Petit Morte- cd

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros- Rock Art and the X Ray Style- cassette dub

Big Audio Dynamite- No. 10, Upton Street- cassette dub

Raison D'etre- Prospectus I- cassette dub

Added 11/3/99

The Misfits- Famous Monsters- cd

Balzac- Deep-Teenagers From Outer Space- cassette dub

Balzac- 13 Stairway-Children of the Night- cassette dub

Angels of Light- New Mother- cassette dub

Godspeed You Black Emperor!- f#a#00- cassette dub

Godspeed You Black Emperor!- Slow Riot For a New Zero Kanada- cassette dub

Added 9/23/99

Jack or Jive- Mujyo- cd

Jack or Jive- The Earth- cd

Ataraxia- Orlando- mcd

Ataraxia- Le Fantasma Dell'Opera- cd

Anathema- Judgement+bonus tracks- cassette dub

Added 9/4/99

Agalloch- From Which of This Oak- cassette

Agalloch- Pale Folklore- cassette dub

The Changelings- s/t- cassette

Jarboe- Anhedoniac- cassette dub

Long Winter's Stare- Cold Tale Eternal- cassette dub

Diabolique- The Black Flower- cassette dub

The Absolute Supper- CMI sampler- cassette dub

Merzbow- Music For Bondage Performance- cassette dub

Blondie- The Platinum Collection- cdx2

Slowdive- Pygmalion- cd

Bark Psychosis- Hex- cd

Added 7/28/99

Goo Goo Dolls- Dizzy Up the Girl- cd

Nine Inch Nails- The Day the World Went Away- cdsingle

Emperor- IX Equilibrium- cassette dub

Added 7/10/99

Archon Satani- In Shelter- cd

Archon Satani- Virgin Birth...(Born Again)- cd

In Flames- Colony- cd

In The Nursery- Stormhorse- cd

Puissance- Back In Control- cd

Added 5/31/99

Raison D'Etre- Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness- cd

...And Even Wolves Hid Their Teeth- CMI compilation- cd

Mojave 3- Out of Tune- cd

Depeche Mode- The Singles 81>85- cd

Black Tape for a Blue Girl- As One Aflame Laid Bare by Desire- cd

Storm the Palace- Palace of Worms compilation- cd

Ebony Lake- On the Eve of the Grimly Inventive- cd

Added 12/24/98

John Lennon- Lennon Legend- cd

Added 12/05/98

The Connie Dungs- s/t- cassette dub

Stoa- Porta VIII- cassette dub

Penitent- Melancholia- cassettte dub

Devil Doll- The Girl Who Was...Death- cassette dub

Devil Doll- Eliogabalus- cassette dub

Added 11/10/98

King Diamond- Abigail- cassette dub

Bewitched- Pentagram Prayer- cassette dub

Evereve- Stormbirds- cassette dub

Bal Sagoth- A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria- cassette dub

Nightfall- Parade Into Centuries- cassette dub

Dimmu Borgir- Godless Savage Garden ep- cassette dub

Elend- Les Tenebres du Dehors- cassette dub

Arcturus- La Masquerade Infernale- cassette dub

Dead Can Dance- The Serpent's Egg- cassette dub

Dead Can Dance- Into the Labyrinth- cassette dub

Dead Can Dance- Within the Realm of a Dying Sun- cassette dub

The 3rd and the Mortal- Tears Laid In Earth- cassette dub

The 3rd and the Mortal- Sorrow ep- cassette dub

Added 11/01/98

Screeching Weasel- Formula 27- 7" vinyl

The Connie Dungs- No Chance- 7" vinyl

The Gain/Zoinks- split ep- 7" vinyl

Added 10/22/98

The Connie Dungs- Driving on Neptune- cassette dub

Screeching Weasel- My Brain Hurts- cassette dub

THX1138- movie

Eraserhead- movie

Added 10/11/98

Black Tape for a Blue Girl- Black Tape...- cdep

Added 10/01/98

Cocteau Twins- Four-Calendar Cafe- cassette dub

Added 9/24/98

Secret Affair- Behind Closed Doors- cassette dub

Balzac- Last Men on Earth- cassette dub

Evil Dead II- movie soundtrack- cassette dub

Added 9/11/98

Crowbar- Oddfellows Rest- cassette dub

Swingin' Utters- Five Lessons Learned- cassette dub

Dillenger Four- Midwestern Songs of the Americas+some compilation tracks- cassette dub

Added 8/18/98

Aghast- Hexerei im Zwilicht der Finsternis- cd

Gang of Four- A Brief History of the Twentieth Century- cd

Added 8/10/98

Abigor- Orkblut, the Retaliation- cassette dub

Bathory- Blood Fire Death- cassette dub

Mayhem- Dawn of the Black Hearts- cassette dub

Sodom- Agent Orange- cassette dub

Awakenings- Females in Extreme Music- cassette dub

Necropolis- Distro Sampler compilation- cassette dub

Added 8/03/98

Naglfar- Vittra- cassette dub

Devil Doll- Sacrilegium- cassette dub

Download- Through the Eyes of Stanley Pain- cd

Added 7/22/98

Buckethead- Colma- cd

TV21- A Thin Red Line- cassette dub

Tweezers- Already- cassette dub

Mortiis- Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost demo- cassette dub

Mortiis- Blood and Thunder- cassette dub

Sodom- In the Sign of Evil- cassette dub

Added 7/8/98

Black Sabbath- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath- cassette

Lycia- Estrella- cassette dub

Added 6/24/98

Gitane Demone- Am I Wrong?- cd

The Cure- Galore- cd

In Flames- Whoracle- cd

Cradle of Filth- Cruelty and the Beast- cd

Space Rock box set- 4 cd comp.

Fleetwood Mac- Tusk- cd

Soul Whirling Somewhere- Hope Was- cd

Begotten- movie

Salo: 120 days of Sodom- movie

Man Bites Dog- movie

Nekromantik- movie

Added 5/3/98

Genitorturers- Sin City- cd

Added 4/28/98

Susurrus Inanis- The Shadowless Shining demo- cassette

Windham Hell/Nothing- split demo- cassette

Dawnbringer- Unbleed- cd

Mortiis- Fodt til a Herske- cd

Mortiis- Keiser Av en Dimension Utjent- cd

Let's Scare Jessica to Death- movie

A&E special on Wrestling

Added 4/22/98

Terrace of Memories(Sam Rosenthal+Vidna Obmana)- s/t- cd

Japanese/American Noise Treaty- comp. of noise bands- double cd

Katatonia- Saw You Drown mcd- cassette dub

Aphex Twin- Come to Daddy ep- cassette dub

Amber Asylum- Frozen in Amber- cassette dub

2000 Maniacs- movie

Added 4/10/98

Fata Morgana- s/t cd

Caul- Crucible- cd

Palace of Worms- compilation- cd

Sam Rosenthal(Black Tape...)- Before the Buildings Fell- cassette

Sam Rosenthal- Fragments- video

Dimmu Borgir- For All Tid- cassette dub

Dimmu Borgir- Stormblast- cassette dub

Blackened Vol. 1- black metal comp.- cassette dub

At the Gates- Slaughter of the Soul- cassette dub

DarkThrone- Soulside Journey- cassette dub

Borknagar- The Olden Domain- cassette dub

Specimen- Wet Warm Cling Film Red Velvet Crush- cd

Sandakan No. 8- movie

Suspiria- movie

Added 3/27/98

Anilore- Still Awake- cd

Inkubus Sukkubus- Vampyre Erotica- cd

Sullen- The Naming of Parts- cassette

Desiderii Marginis- Songs Over Ruins- cd

Dark Tranquility- Skydancer+Of Chaos and Eternal Night- cd

Raison D'Etre- Within the Depths of Silence and Phormations- cd

Added 3/22/98

Hecate Enthroned- The Slaughter of Innocence, A Requiem for the Mighty- cd

Hecate Enthroned- Upon Promeathean Shores(Unscriptured Waters)- cd

Satryicon- Nemesis Divina- cd

Goth's Undead- various gothic bands- 2 cd

The Cure- High single- cdep

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