Welcome to TKtrader's Post
This site was born on 8/8/97
UPDATED 11/25/97

Well, the support has been astounding, and I have not responded
with the weekly updates I promised, so I shall turn to another
idea to give something back.

In this update, I feel I've given a little something to everybody.
I have a SNAPPY, and have taken vid caps from some shows and
movies (scenes of feet, tickling, and both).

I hope you all like them.....

Here are the vid cap pages, enjoy!!!

 Fox's Nov. Magic show
This part show the beautiful feet of a woman being sawed in half!
 Lady Jane
This A&E movie has a pretty good foot tickling scene.
Here they are. Vid caps of this much talked about movie!!!!!
*Please consult the lists at TickleTown as to details of these movies*

Well, thanks for visiting my site.  I hope you like the new pics. I will keep watching the TV to get more vid caps.
Please E-mail me with your response to this update. Would you like to see more vid caps????
As for everything else in the universe, just ask. What would you want to see on this page???
I would like to use the space I have to show MPG's or Rm's (or mov's or avi's)
of videos. (maybe even some vidcaps). But in order to do that I need anyone who CAN
make a video on the computer to e-mail me, maybe we can work on the page.
If you have videos and  could cap them, or video them, PLEASE E-MAIL me.
As to specifics, please inquire with an e-mail or post to alt.multimedia.tk
My e-mail address is :  tktrader@geocities

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