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I'm from Brazil, but I live in Miami, Florida. Or, if you prefer, "an extension of Cuba in American territory", as a friend of mine likes to say. I work with computers at a money transfer company. If you have any interest on Windows NT based Networks (LAN/WAN), feel free to e-mail me.

I like off-road motorcycling, music, photography, and - off course - computers! I'm very eccletic about music, and I intend to add info on Classical, Jazz, Blues and Rock N' Roll. Come see pictures of my friends, and my dogs!

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Here goes some hot links, selected by subject:

Rock N' Roll

The Frank Zappa Official home page Guitar Player Magazine
The Rolling Stones Official home page More Rolling Stones
Joe Satriani's Official home page Steve Vai's Official home page


I am very happy with my work. If I didn't work with computers, I would spend a lot of money with them...

AMD McAfee
Apple Matrox
Bill Gates' little business Micron
Dell Netscape
Epson Octave Systems (best priced CD-R)
Hewlett-Packard Seagate
International Business Machines Sony
Iomega Quantex computers
Intel Quantum


NASA's Voyager program Silicongraphics

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