My Big Mouth: Humor

Liam's Creek: A new episode went up on June 9!

The Oasis Tabloid: all the latest Oasis news as it doesn't happen

Wibbling Rivalry Spin-offs: Parodies of the infamous "argument" between Liam and Noel

Mad For It Libs: Do you know what nouns, adjectives and verbs are? You don't?! Aw, that's okay! Come join in on the fun anyway!!

The Liam and Noel Eyebrow Theories: Sometimes, when we find something especially disturbing, it helps if we can try to explain it.

Oasis Dreams: Over two years worth of Oasis dreams from Oasis fans the world over

Oasis on the Jerry Springer Show: One of their most touching interviews to date

Oasis on the Jerry Springer Show, again!!: A follow up interview that will touch your heart

The Patsy Kensit Voo-Doo Doll: It's the only "Oasis wife" voo-doo doll at the moment, but if people are interested in a Meg voo-doo doll, I'll make one. Let me know what you think. -It's all in fun!

The Spice Girls Voo-Doo Dolls: This isn't all in fun. I really want to hurt them.

The Tony McCarroll Voo-Doo Doll: Everyone's least favorite ex-Oasis member

What kind of effects are my voo-doo dolls having?: About a year ago, I reflected upon the impact that my voo-dolls have had. Take a look.

Unsolved Oasis Mysteries: Perhaps you can help solve a mystery

Extremely Mad For It!!: You know you are!

Fashion Stereotypes: What do fans of certain bands tend wear? Find out here.

Oasis Ebonics: Check this out, yo!

Listen Up: A dedication to all the misunderstood lyrics out there

"If You Wanna Kill The Spice Girls": Here's a little song parody I wrote a few years ago

What if Disney made a movie about Oasis?: *Cringe*