Friends are Gifts that Heaven Sends

Once upon a time, not too terribly long ago, 1985, to be exact, ten individuals were drawn together in California by seeming happenstance.  Interlocking Hawai'i connections, school and college, mutual friends, and romance and marriage converged to bring them all together.

In time, they coalesced into a group of friends, known among themselves as the "supabowlgang."

Mahalo to Lori and Teresa who came by yesterday.  Seeing them jogged my memory to launch this site that celebrates our friendship.  Enjoy!  

Who' s Who: History:
  Aunty D & Uncle T   Beginnings
  Aunty Millicent & Uncle Sid   Love & Marriage
   Aunty Lori & Uncle Les   Busy! Busy! Busy!
   Aunty Connie & Uncle Steve   Why
  Aunty Gayle & Uncle Don Happenings:
 Keiki (Children)   Housewarming ~ Trampoline! ~ Ping Pong 
  Dogs...& Cats Howz the last weekend of July, 2002 for a summer gathering?  Good o' wot?
Let Aunty D & Uncle T know if okay with your schedule.

"There is no distance too great between friends, 
for love gives wings to the heart." 


September Morn 2002