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Suzana Stojaković - Čelustka



Information security is very complex field of research with a lot of unknown and unexplored areas. Yet, it is an important field to explore. My own interest in this field started ten years ago when I first met computer viruses. The problem of self - reproducing threats to information integrity and availability was a challenge for me for many years. By time I got acquainted with other information security problems, such as break-ins, denial of service attacks, etc. From the first moment protection of the information systems was the most important challenge, which motivated me to persevere in this type of work.



Most of my articles and lectures are related to computer viruses problems  as well as my M. Sc. thesis . My minimal thesis  deals with that problem too. I have spent a lot of time on research in computer virus behavior and possible ways of protection.

However, my work extends to other ways of information security threats as well. Since 1993. I was also researching various ways of break-ins on Department of Computer Science & Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague. In the late 1993. I was a guest of Faculty of Informatics in Hamburg where, after two weeks of experimental work, I had a lecture about vulnerabilities in Internet services.

Since 1994., I am an active member of the IFIP working group 9.6., which concerns the problems of information technology misuse and the laws.

In the period May, 1997. – November, 1998. I was actively working as a network security consultant for Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet). My duties included managing CARNet CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) where I could implement my theoretical knowledge of vulnerabilities and protection measures in practice. During that period I have also prepared several courses and lectures about information security, as well as an article for FIRST (Forum of Incident Response Teams) 1998. Conference.

Working as a security consultant I have found an interesting fact concerning the age of attackers to information systems. It appeared that in an academic network perpetrators were mostly teenagers, with a little knowledge about information systems themselves. Working currently in high school educational system, from where most attackers come from, I am trying to teach my students not only about information technology basics, but also about ethical behavior in an information world of today. I believe that teaching young people how to use information systems properly and ethically can prevent future information technology misuse.



BSEE, Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering, University of Zagreb,Zagreb,Croatia.

Field: Industrial Electronics

Thesis: Hearing Aids

February, 1985.


M.Sc, Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering, University of Zagreb,Zagreb,Croatia.

Field: Automatization

Thesis: Reliability Model for Computer Controlled Technical Systems with regard to 
             Destructive Programs

1990. - January,1993.


Ph.D, Department of Computer Science and Engineering,  
           Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University of Prague,  
Prague, Czech Republic.

Field: Computer Security

Minimal thesis: An overview of Current and Possible Future Trends in Virus Writing

Rigorous exam: Computer Architecture, Distributed Systems, Complexity and NP 

Thesis: Building Secure Information Systems

1993. - June 2001.



English, French, Czech, at high level

understands Italian, Russian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Slovenian and Macedonian.


 Other interests:

Computer Architecture, Distributed Systems (Networking), Algorithmics, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life