From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: trust on ash?
Date: 2003-02-12 07:46:19 PST

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> "Grim Squeaker" wrote in message

> > > > You told already the exact plan and timeframe. That is a classic cry for
> > help, plead for someone to intervene. If someone will stop you then you can
> > only blame yourself.

> > > > Jampe
> > of course i want help. i'm screaming for it. but i have been doing so for
> years. there IS no help. i can't say that i don't want to be stopped. i do
> NOT want to be hospitalized however. i want the pain to be gone. this is my
> only out.

I cannot tell you how much I feel for this post. I feel the same. I
wish there could be some way that I could feel better without having
to kill myself. There are numerous times where I believe I feel
better, but then I just sink lower in a couple of days... for no
reason at all. However, I have not yet seen a doctor nor have I tried
medications. I don't want to.

My can of KCN is nestled tightly in a bag which is in another bag
which is in a box which is in yet another bag surrounded by yet
anothing box. All of that is in one final box (That's how they
packaged it to send to me. I think it's cute). I am moving this
weekend. We will see if this has any reason for me to change my mind.

Erasergirl, I support and respect you and your decision. I hope that
nobody stands in your way and that you exit peacefully. I hope you
dont lose your sense of calmness as I did when I finally had the
materials in my hands.

Good luck.