From: Suzy (
Subject: Back.... (front?)
Date: 2003-03-17 09:02:57 PST

After being gone for a week or so, I have returned, though I doubt any of
you missed me (No, I am not looking for pity, please don't take it like
that). I still have some catching up to do on the group.

In the airport after my returning flight, I got a terrible call from my

Grandpa died.

I cried, of course, because I love my grandfather very much, he is the best.
He is the coolest racist Mexican grandpa that doesn't speak Spanish ever.
In fact, he likes to think he can speak Japanese (which he cannot at all).
Anyway, I am glad he died because he had just started to go on dialysis and
he was miserable about that. He died in his sleep and I am happy for that.

I feel, though, that taking my own life now would create too hard of a time
on my grandmother and my father. But it needs to be done.

One week.