From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: body rebellion
Date: 2003-02-06 14:52:22 PST (dkhaos) wrote in message news:...
> What if one wouldn't really have to kill oneself? What if the body
> might manage that on its own?
> > Mine feels like being very pissed off by what I've been doing to it.
> Well, not exactly doint - it might rather be the attitude towards it:
> I consider my body to be hostile towards me. So that's a kind of
> psychosomatic stuff or something, so my body slowly dissolves... I'm
> dealing with lots of very strange diseased for years.
> > Possibly a step by step psychosomatic suicide - bad feeling towards
> body -> early grave.
> > Well, just some weird thoughts today - I just wanna feel nice and
> finde, you see. My body aches!!!!

I've got the same problem. I feel I am always with some disease on my
way to death. Psychosomatic? Maybe. Hypochondriac? Most likely,
but in denial. Either way, I wouln't mind dying one bit.