From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: Donde?
Date: 2003-03-06 08:01:15 PST

"Twilight" wrote in message

> I never talk of my probs to people, just gets me so incredibly low
> that i could go bus it at the drop of a hat by the end of the chat.
> Even though i tell this to people when they first mention talking to
> me about my probs, some keep on goading me to talk. Even the
> people i'm closest to don't get a word out of me as far as that goes.

It's different for everyone. People aren't too cool if they keep egging you
to talk even when they know it just pushes you further and further. If you
feel it helps you, don't talk about your problems, though I feel for most
people it's the other way around. Everyone's different.

> Trolls always rollick along here and there. Proves there are others
> out there who don't have lives just like most of us. Probably are
> closet suicidals just like how those who are most vocal against
> homosexuality end up being gay themselves, but firmly entrenched
> within the closet.

Very good point.