From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: Donde?
Date: 2003-03-06 11:57:04 PST

"Kathleen" wrote in message
> How do you know that Erin is gone? Myself as well as a couple other
> folks have been wondering and worrying about her. I knew she was
> planning to catch the bus around Christmas, but never heard whether she
> had or not. Do you know for sure that she is dead?
> Kathleen

I do not know for sure if she is dead, in fact, for my own selfish reasons,
I hope she is not. She promised me more emails. She is gone, though, in
the sense that she is not here. I have mentioned her several times in my
posts and all I get is Doug with "blah blah blah, her father was schizo,
blah blah blah, its genetic." I wish there were some way I could get some
closure and know for sure if she is dead or alive, either would be fine, but
I cannot take the wondering anymore.