From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: everybody leaves
Date: 2003-03-04 14:08:43 PST

"Kathleen" wrote in message
> know what I get
> from all this? Fuck it. Just go. Ya know?
> I keep making my plans then something else comes along to dissuade me
> for a bit. Usually what dissuades me is the promise that I can get
> heroin/opiates from some source, which usually falls apart after I've
> gotten my hopes up.
> Kathleen

Kathleen, you are absolutely right. Why the hell even bother to be around
anymore? Things are shit and they are not going to look up. We are so
close, why not take that last step?

I would be gone by now, but I do not want to do it on my sisters birthday
(today), and I am going on a trip with my boyfriend later this week, on this
trip I will be visiting my parents, hopefully for one last time. After this
little holiday, I should have nothing to look forward to and then maybe I
will do it.

Also, whatever happened to your charcoal grill plans?