From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: if you want a funeral....
Date: 2003-01-17 12:43:01 PST (Nicu nurse2000) wrote in message news:<>...
> how do you want it to be?? Yeah, I know, trivial question if you've just offed
>'s your last appearance...hehe.
> > I'll go first...
> > NO NO NO religious affiliations in any gospel songs, except one (i'll
> explain later), no crosses, no bible readings, nothing in that nature in any
> way.
> > Closed casket, cremation to follow, ashes scattered over my daughter's
> grave....
> > NO traditional funeral flowers...if flowers are necessary, red tulips and
> poppies only.
> > Candles - I want candles everywhere...
> > The gospel song?? Amazing Grace, by the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle
> Corp.....that's the only version I would want played...
> > The rest of the music....
> What's this life for - Creed
> I will remember you - Sara Mclachlin
> Wild Horses - Rolling Stones
> Where ever you go - The Call
> Trumpeter's Lullabye - Al Hirt
> Soulshine - Allman Brothers
> and at the end when people are walking out....Brahms Lullabye - Lorie Line's
> version.
> > My mother is NOT allowed to speak, at all.
> > Grace

As mentioned, the funeral is mostly for the survivors, but I would
have only one request. Play "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor. It's
about Suzanne and the fact that she killed herself! I am Suzanne as
well! Weeee!