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Subject: Re: movie: ghost world
Date: 2003-01-31 08:08:26 PST

Good sir, I believe you have got the best posting name in the world.
A Perfect Day For Bananafish is quite possibly one of the best short
stories I've ever read. I'm taking Nine Stories with me to work today
so I can read it again. Thank you for the inspiration.


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> "Kedric Symington" wrote in message
> > Did any of you all see that movie "Ghost World" and think the girl
> > committed suicide at the end? 'Cause I just saw it and when I saw the
> > ending with the bus I thought, "it must be a metaphor for suicide -
> > what else can it be?" But when I read reviews of it on the net, people
> > just say that the ending is enigmatic and it could mean anything.
> > - Kedric
> > I had the same thought (bus=suicide?), since Zwigoff made a documentary
> (Crumb) in which one of the Crumb brothers (Maxon) committed suicide
> something like two months after the completion of filming and suffers from
> back pain which makes him contemplate suicide himself. I even wondered if
> Zwigoff knew of ash and the bus metaphor, and if that was why Enid boarded a
> bus at the end, as sort of an homage to ash. But ultimately I can't help
> but agree with the critics that Zwigoff chose the open-ended conclusion to
> frustrate the typical moviegoer's expectation that movies should contain a
> satisfactorily unambigous denouement. Enid's decision merely ruled out two
> other untenable choices, but I don't believe it necessarily boxed her into
> any *one* other choice. Not all buses departing from the same stop have the
> same destination. They're ultimate destination is open-ended, like the
> lives of people.