From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: It's my life -- or not
Date: 2003-01-31 08:02:07 PST

So often do I read posts and want to reply to them, but can't really
think of anything valid to say. But these two (Grace and Kathleen)
call for something else. I am not too sure what. I suppose I just
want to write and acknowledge the posts and let the writers know that
I'm listening (reading). What's the word? Empathy? Oh bah, I should
just shut up before I dig myself in a deeper hole.


P.S. Has anyone seen Erin in the past couple of days? We have been
emailing eachother and then she stopped. I had a dream she caught the
bus and I feel guilty for hoping she hasn't... at least not yet. (Nicu nurse2000) wrote in message news:<>...
> >From: Kathleen
> >The suicide trance is upon me now. You know what it is. The sweet,
> >comforting arms of death beckon; calling; singing their irresitable
> >siren's song, drawing me near, offering all I want . . .

> > > >If I can survive this one, I think, that will be a miracle. What's so
> >wondrous about this particular delicious episode is that the outcome
> >completely doesn't matter. If I survive it, fine, if not, that's fine
> >too. I find myself in this ecstatic state of simply not caring any
> >longer whether I live or die. How long it has taken me to come to this
> >point. How much time, money and effort.

> > > >How exciting it is to consider shooting up a lot of drugs with my neck
> >held gently in a noose.

> > > >Kathleen

> > > >God, this is going to be a long night . . .


> >

> > > I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you...I'm getting ready to go
> to bed now so that I can wake my son up in two hours for school, lol...but I
> know where you are, I know the pull and tug on you tonight...and I hope you get
> what you need and want...
> > > sniff....take me with you...please!!!! actually, that reminded me of an old
> Boy George least i think it was boy george but i cant find the lyrics
> for it online anywhere..."wake me up before you go-go, don't wanna miss it when
> you hit that high, wake me up before you go, take me dancing tonight", lmao....
> that's probably really wrong....hehe
> > grace
> i cant believe i remember boy george and culture club, god i feel old.....
> Grace