From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: Left/Right Brain?
Date: 2003-02-19 08:01:13 PST

> Snipped but most definately read <

Ha ha, when first reading this, I didn't pay attention to the name and I
just figured it was a do-gooder trying to save us all by flattery. I did,
however, get to thinking and somewhat agree.

I dont want to be pompous, so little of the human population is intelligent.
I mean, yeah, we are intelligent life, we know what's going on, but when it
comes to what I call common sense, there are few who are very up there.

Example: I was helping my old roommate set up her computer desk. She had
to plug in the moniter to the wall outlet. She crouched under the desk with
the cord plugged into the wall calling me over, "Suzy, will you come here a
moment? Here, just stand above the desk and grab this cord when I feed it
to you." Of course, I replied with "why don't you just drop the cord down
the back and let gravity work for you?"

It's that kind of stuff that set's us apart from others. What this has to
do with suicidal intentions, I have no clue.

Shit, my whole post has been blown out of the water as I just received the
results from the Left/Right brain analysis. 15 questions right brained and
4 left.

Kathleen, you were saying most ASHers were Left brained, right?

Oh crap. I cant even read a stupid post enough to determine what it was
saying. I had this problem in high school. I am mildly retarded.

I am going to go kill myself now.