From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: Life Insurance (from an agent)
Date: 2003-02-13 18:37:24 PST (A. Nonymous) wrote in message news:...
> I don't know about any other states, but there is a 2-year waiting
> period for suicide in Pennsylvania. I am a licensed insurance rep,
> and every policy I've seen or written has had the 2-year period.
> > So, if you're looking for your family to cash out on your suicide, buy
> a term policy with a moderate face value (amount to be paid upon
> death). It's cheaper for you while you're alive, and more money for
> the those you leave behind.
> > I would also recommend finding an agent with more than just an
> insurance background. If you find an agent who can invest, then when
> you catch the bus, that agent can set up a plan to basically make your
> family rich, depending on the face value. Just a thought...
> > And lastly, companies will DEFINATELY insure people under 25, unless
> you have some strange medical condition, or they know that you're
> waiting for the suicide clause to run out. Younger people generally
> live longer, and the chances that an 18-year-old will die within 20
> years is pretty low.
> > Hope all this helps without being boring!

Thank you much for your advice. Now... whether to actually stick
around for two years or not....