From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: Life without love.
Date: 2003-02-21 08:01:15 PST

"ben cove" wrote in message
> "Suzy" wrote in message news:b35ge2$pfg$
> > We really don't "fuck" though. We rarely even have sex.
> a fuck and sex sounds about the same to me.....
> ben

Ah ha! But there is a difference, at least in my opinion. Sex is what
happens with someone you do/do not care about. It just happens. Sex is
intercourse. Making love is soft and between two people who love eachother.
(People in love can also have sex as well as fuck, keep in mind) and Fucking
is generally rougher. Hair pulling sometimes, I guess, and lots of "ooh...
harder. fuck me!" and stuff like that. It's funny. Quick recap:

Making love: soft and slow and with care
Sex: getting off by using intercourse
Fucking: this is the fun stuff, I would assume. Stuff you would see on Sex
and the City, I guess.