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Subject: Re: How not to look like hell?
Date: 2003-02-13 06:35:48 PST (ruby_teardrops) wrote in message news:<>...
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> > yes.
> > you effectively tell your body to "decompose" thoughts that lower
> > one's metabolism (<-is it a word in english?) rate and immune system
> > > > Yeah, I've had much the same thing... lately I'll only eat one small
> meal a day, sometimes not even that. I'm just not hungry anymore, I
> don't have the desire to eat or anything. And my metabolism is ultra
> slow. I really don't have the energy to do too much but cry anymore.
> But I can't sleep that much at all, strangely. I have to usually rely
> on sleeping pills for a few hours of escape.
> > I can definitely tell my immune system is affected, I've gotten sick
> so much more lately. Too bad nothing I come down with is able to
> finish me off.

I also feel like that. I could eat, but I just don't want to because
it always makes me feel like shit. I haven't lost any weight,
however, because I think my body likes where it's at right now. But
my appetite has definately gone down and I don't eat nearly as much.
I don't enjoy food as much as I used to as well.

I have been getting sick often. I have never had my immune system
hate me so much. I get fever blisters on my lips quite a bit.
Sometimes, I like to fuck with myself and take a couple extra strength
sominex while at work and then try to work the rest of the day without
passing out/falling asleep.

My immune system and I, we are at war with eachother. I think I will
have the last laugh. It'll never know what hit it. Ha ha, sucker.