From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: do any of you stay because of loved ones?
Date: 2003-02-19 07:31:10 PST

"Anallo Vetoy" wrote in message
> well, DO any of you stay alive because you dont want the ones (or one)
> you love to be hurt by your suicide? i know its partially what keeps
> me alive. makes me wish sometimes that i didnt love anybody. and it
> pisses me the FUCK off. if i had done it right the fucking first time
> i wouldnt have loved in the first goddamned place. i hate myself and i
> want to die.

I would believe that almost everyone here would agree that "it" would be a
lot easier if we had no-one who loved us. That, at least, is how I feel.

HOWEVER! When people talk to me and tell me how many people like me, and
how many people care, it just makes me more suicidal. It's like, "well, I
had better off myself now before things get worse and everyone hates me."
Does anyone else feel like this?