From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: prayer in the office???
Date: 2003-03-21 06:54:15 PST

"Louis Cipher" wrote in message
> I had a record of a recording of the Jonestown mass suicide. They
> supposedly used cyanide of some sort which was mixed with coolaid. The
> recording is really bad but you can hear people moaning. I assumed by this
> that cyanide must be a painful death. Is this not true? btw do you still
> have a link from where you ordered the stuff?
> Louis Cipher

first, excuse my horrible tying, my kitty knocked liquid on my keyboard and
I cant type with numerous keys. everything is fucked. but what id like to
think is with the Jonestown suicide, they didn't do it right. either too
little or too much KCN. so I got my pH meter to be sure it is strong as it
could be without burning my mouth. I will write more when I get a new