From: Suzy (
Subject: Re: I'm Outside The Profile
Date: 2003-02-20 07:56:25 PST

"transducer121" wrote in message
> I heard a commercial on the radio for, which is an online
> dating service. Their add claims they make matches based on an
> analysis of a comprehensive personality profile. Since it was free, I
> had to take the profle just for kicks. I spent 45 minutes answering
> questions and makeing assesments about myself I hadn't made since I
> stopped seeing the pdoc. The questions ranged from views on sex to how
> you view friendships, trust, and your moods. I answered honestly,
> including acknowledgement of my depressive state and difficulty in
> trusting. >
> It was no surprise, but still hilarious when the computer came back
> with sorry, you do not fit our rigerous proflie. No matches were
> found.

Me too, don't worry, apparently 20% of people don't fit in this profile.
We're not the only ones... or are we?